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Thread: Best 9mm for Concealed Carry?

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    For reliability and easy carry and feel in the hand, you owe it to yourself to check out both, Bersa Thunder .380 and the Thunder 9mm Ultra Compact. I think for utility, they can't be beat.
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    Personally I am a big CZ fan, carried a CZ85 for a couple decades now, recently swapped to a poly frame CZ P07 to have better sweat tolerance in the SE US, summer carry a steel frame I was cleaning every other day. To get my CZs to ever fail I had to rig a magazine to jam by breaking of a follower leg. I do take my weapons to parade rest (no metal parts connected ) at least annually for a detail clean. My wife liked my P07 so much I had to buy myself one, she got a 97 out of 100 on her CCW test. But make sure what you are looking at FITS you, clear the weapon at the store and pick a target 15-20 foot way dinner plate or smaller. Closer your eyes and present to target, open your eyes, is the pistol pointed at the target? Are the sights pretty much lined up? Can you comfortably center the pad of your trigger finger on the through out the firing cycle? If the answer to any of these question is no the pistol does not fit you naturally. If you really have your heart set on that pistol you can train past this, but you are looking at investing time and money training to new kinesics. If you use a weapon that fits instinctive firing is just that instinctive

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    Have read of ejection problems with the P938. What has been your experience?
    I've had my P938 SAS version for about 6 weeks now. I've had it out 3 x's so far and fired roughly 275 rounds. All but 7 rounds have been FMJ, with about 50% 115gr and the other 50% 124 gr. I've shot Fiocchi, Blazer Brass, American Eagle, Sellior & Belot and there has not been one failure of any kind at all. The other 7 rounds were Hornady 135gr +P Critical Duty, they ran perfectly. I also have not cleaned this firearm except for intially, I will be cleaning it after my next outing later today. Since purchase I have changed out the grip to the Hogue Tamer Rubberized, it wasn't bad prior to this, but it is wonderfully comfortable (to me) with the Hogue on it. It carries all day quite nicely IWB or Ankle, I've done both. I initially wanted the lower priced (retail) Rubber Grip model (not the SAS), but now it's everything I wanted and more, plus I found it for less money than I had seen the other for at two places.

  5. SA XDm

    I just got a Springfield Armory XDm and like it a lot. It has enough heft but not too much. I like the "double safety", especially as my wife and I trade off. It came with a couple mags (one is 19+1) and handle back straps to change out, holster and 2-mag belt clip. Also comes with a loader, which I find kinda handy as my hands are getting a bit older (not the rest of me though), especially at the outdoor range in Winter. The whole recall thing is over but unfortunately the perception lingers. This is a solid gun. Go shoot one. Hope this helps.

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