Knockout game deadly for two thugs
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Thread: Knockout game deadly for two thugs

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    Knockout game deadly for two thugs

    This lady took out not one, but two thugs that were playing the knockout game. Good for her. She hasn't even been charged. Yet. Now comes the parents and their tears saying 'they were good kids', 'just misunderstood', 'not out to hurt somebody', 'she should have just walked away', blah, blah.
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    The article did not say where this happened. Since the media did not mention the teens race nor the woman's I have to conclude that both were black. If the woman was white and had killed two black teens there would be an outcry and Jesse and Al would be marching.

    But I am sure they were "good boys"!

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    There seems to be some doubt as to whether this is true or not. So as of now, I wouldn't give too much credence to it.
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    Knockout game deadly for two thugs

    Any teenage male who thinks its okay to punch a female, let alone sucker punch ANYBODY who is walking down the street, minding their own business, will never be a productive member of society. My hope is that as more of them receive what they truly deserve, such as these two did, they'll stop this cowardly "game", as they call it, for fear of losing.

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    I don't feel any sympathy for these teens. I'm sure everyone of them in that group needed a dose of vitamin Pb. Whether or not this story is fake it is worth pointing out that what she supposedly did should be avoided. The article claims she fired into the crowd of teens. That just sounds like a nightmare waiting to happen.

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    Fist vs 45 is losing game.

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    I agree that this story lacks any credibility - no source from an actual news site to be found.

    With all the reports about the so-called game finally hitting the MSM, this is a story many of us here want to happen. The Lansing incident comes close, though the thug survived to get ONE year in jail for his assault.
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    Don't bring a gang of fists to a gun fight.

    If a gang of street urchins tries to sucker punch me to the point that I black out, I hope to have better aim then Beulah did.
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