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    Does anyone have experience with sig 938 for concealed carry

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    Can't carry yet in Illinois , but I love the gun. Shoots well and I bought it to be a carry gun. So when this state finally gets it's laws written and I jump through all their hoops, it will be what I will carry.

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    I really like the size. It fits comfortably in the waistband or pocket ( holstered of course ). It is very good shooting accurate short barrelled gun. It fills my hand much better than the .380 I was carrying and it isn't really any bigger. Keep in mind it is a single action with a thumb safety. Some people are uncomfortable with that but it is my preference as long as it has a safety that is easily accessable.

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    I have the P238 same gun in the .380 cal. and love the gun! almost the same as the 939 just a tad smaller. You would need to look twice to guess witch was witch if they were side by side.

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    I'm wanting my wife to try both the P238 and the P938 out for EDC, but the local range doesn't have the 9mm on hand to try.

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