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Thread: Carrying a gun for ego?

  1. Well I live in a state that supports both ccw and oc..No permit required.Rarely see any oc in this state.
    No need if you can carry concealed.I applaud those with the patience to do so.Constantly putting up with the
    stares of scared sheeple.and justifying Oc to the Law on all those occasions when they are stopped and asked.
    If this is done for desensitization then great I applaud y'all for paving the way. Just not for me.
    I like to be nice and quiet about my carry..Not because i am ashamed of it..Just the opposite.
    since i do this every day..not enough time in my day to answer all the questions and put up with all the stares .
    So I think it takes a different type of person other Than me to OC..perhaps it does has something to do with ego...couldn't say for sure..

  3. Quote Originally Posted by varmonter View Post
    No need if you can carry concealed.
    There may not be a need to open carry, but if the positives of open carry outweigh both the negatives of open carry and the positives of concealed carry, then why not? In my location the positives of open carry outweigh the negatives of open carry and the positives for concealed carry and that is why I do it.

    Quote Originally Posted by varmonter View Post
    Constantly putting up with the stares of scared sheeple and justifying Oc to the Law on all those occasions when they are stopped and asked.
    Another description of open carry that does not fit the reality of those of us who open carry every day. The vast majority and most vehement negative encounters I have had in daily life has been with men who have concealed pistol licenses, can't wait to tell me they do and they carry their gun concealed and so should I. I experience a negative encounter about 3 times per year and about 80% of those are with the concealed carry only snobs. I have positive comments/discussions about the gun a couple of times per month. 90% of the time if anyone even notices the gun they sure don't show any signs of noticing.

    I have had one negative encounter with a police officer in 5 years and the long term outcome of that one negative encounter ended up being very positive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by telpinaro View Post
    If it's someone hanging out on the street corner trying to make a statement with a "Deadly Assault Rifle Oh My!" all the antis will see is the gun. On the other hand, a normal guy going about his business with a firearm on his hip... that's where the right to bear arms gets across. -snip-
    Please allow me to give a different perspective based upon years of personal open carry here in Michigan... and on the very recent History of open carry in Michigan.

    About 7 or 8 years ago open carry was largely unheard of in Michigan. Sure folks carried their rifles/shotguns/pistols in or near the woods during hunting season but to have someone walk down the street and/or go shopping wearing a sidearm was as rare as hen's teeth. And then a few folks decided to start open carrying during their ordinary day but to also "make the statement that open carry has been legal in Michigan since 1837" by having open carry picnics/dinners where attendees had a picnic or a dinner while wearing a pistol in plain sight in public.

    Well guess what? All the anti's saw was.... THE GUN! Even when those folks were just doing normal everyday things the public (and some LE) could only focus on the pistol in plain sight right there "in their faces".

    Ok... now today in Michigan.. after a few illegal arrests and some lawsuits that the open carriers won along with the media trying to sensationalize it all that had the unintended consequence of educating the public about open carry being legal.. and a very recent Michigan Supreme Court decision that upheld a lower court's decision in favor of the right to bear arms all over the State... the public has largely become accustomed to seeing ordinary people wearing guns as they walk around/shopping/having a picnic or gathering in a park. Even the anti's have come to understand that it doesn't matter if they don't like it... open carry is still legal and most of the population just doesn't much shive a git about it anymore.

    And the reason all that happened is because... in the beginning folks don't realize they were witnessing the right to bear arms in action.... all they saw was the gun. But after a while folks got used to seeing the right to bear arms embodied in the gun that they see ordinary people wearing in plain sight.

    As a purely personal experience aside... quite often I am approached by total strangers who either ask if they can carry a gun like I am... or they thank me for exercising my rights. Imagine that... people went from being wary/fearful about seeing guns to being so desensitized, so used to it, so accepting, that they will approach and initiate a conversation with a total stranger who is wearing a gun. All in just 7 or 8 years of seeing people wearing guns.

    And I find the idea that there is a difference between desensitizing folks to seeing pistols and desensitizing folks to seeing rifles/shotguns a bit odd because, just like pistols, if folks don't see long guns then they will not become used to seeing... long guns. It is after the dust settles from illegal arrests/lawsuits/and the sensationalized media circus that only ends up educating people about the right to bear arms that folks accept that there is a right to bear arms and that guy with the pistol/rifle/shotgun isn't doing anything wrong... he is just exercising his right to bear arms.

    Oh.... and the very exact same things that are being said now about openly carrying long guns being a bad thing.... were said in the beginning about openly carrying pistols too.

    One other thing I'd like to say... Many men and women died (and are still dying!) on many battlefields to protect our country and our ability to exercise our rights. And when they died to protect the right to bear arms they didn't die just to protect the right to carry a pistol. Well... right now we all are in yet another battle to protect the right to bear arms. So... will we only protect pistols? Or will we fight to protect the right to bear ARMS?

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    I certainly don't do it for ego. I had to draw my weapon on a couple of thugs about 25 years ago. Once you've been in that situation, ego never again has anything to do with carrying (not that it should in the first place).
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by foxytwo View Post
    I carry to protect me and mine, that is the one and only reason.
    Couldn't agree more! I CC and OC both depending on the situation I'm in and where I am, both have their pros and cons again based on situation I just want mine on me for peace of mind. I can honestly say that I don't trust this world that we live in and I've learned first hand you never know when or where something might happen. I always want to be prepared, I carry period for the same reason that I always keep tool kits in all of my vehicles, and an emergency stash of cash... Just in case...

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    How you carry is decided mostly by the local and state laws so to debate it is kind of tough.
    There seems to be pros and cons on both sides. Probably the most important thing of all is
    that no mater which way one carries do it without antagonising the general public.
    If you get a person who purposely tries to draw you into a heated anti gun arguement it's
    best to not to make a scene and walk away.
    As far as ego goes not one of the people I know that have a CC has ever bragged about or
    flaunted the fact that they carried.

  8. I think sometimes we could be using the term ego to describe someone who values their rights. For me it comes down to that basic principle. I will get my CC in IL when it becomes available, but it is out of a desire to see the rights of the people upheld, not an ego driven power trip. Yes you have your individuals who say "Look officer I've got a gun and you can't do anything, na na na!", but I say if we don't hold tightly to our constitutional rights, they will be taken.

    I have no desire to kill someone. No desire to even get into a situation, but if that situation arises where a life is in danger. I do intend to drop the perpetrator where they stand. If that makes me ego driven, judge & jury, or anything else then so be it, but I would tend to think the individual gave up their rights to judge and jury when they began the assault.

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    I agree. I think there are some people who open carry because they can. Let me frame it like this...the guy in high school who hits on his friend's woman because he can (beat his ass). We all know the guy I'm talking about. The dude whose gone through life as the bad ass and he knows it. He smokes your last cigarette, takes your most expensive cigar when you said not to, he'll drink all your beer and then flirt with your woman...all because he'll beat your ass if you question him. I'm that guy! So F you!!! Just kidding. Anyway, I think there are a few of us here who know this is the type of guy I'm talking about:

    Start at the 2:27 mark of the video.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bikenut View Post
    Please allow me to give a different perspective based upon years of personal open carry here in Michigan... and on the very recent History of open carry in Michigan.
    Thanks! I live in CO where there isn't much open carry... haven't seen it outside of specific OC events. And I grew up in CA so I never saw it there either. Google and research is all very well and good for statistics and studies, but you get none of the actual people side.

    And just in case I wasn't clear... I'm all for open carry of whatever it is you want to carry. I just have some rather liberal relatives and I swear, they live in fear of those evil black rifle-thingies! Handguns are scary, but not as terrifying. Why? Who knows. I was mainly thinking that I'm kind of hoping to get my family accustomed to me having a handgun around safely, then working on the big scary things. Especially since I haven't got one yet.

    And heck, open carry of long guns outside of hunting (though lately that seems to be in jeopardy) is probably in more need of protection.
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    I don't carry to stroke my ego. I carry because it is my God given right, guaranteed by the US Constitution, to defend myself and my loved ones.
    It is better to die with a weapon in hand than to live with hands raised. (Meir Feinstein, 1947)

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