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Thread: pistol permit in upstate NY

  1. Quote Originally Posted by CatfishRacing View Post
    Noob here.
    I've had a target carry in Suffolk County (Long Island) for about 15 years now and I was just upgraded to a business carry.
    I bought a house in Yates County. I called the Yates County office in charge of issuing permits and they said i couldn't have a permit in 2 counties.Does that sound right to anybody? I have zero confidence in the information the woman gave me.
    Next time I'm up there during the week (spring) I'll have to check into getting a permit for up there and see what they say in person.


    I can only relate to you my experience in my move years ago from NYC to Delaware County.

    The NYC permits we had were naturally restricted for target/hunting and were no good outside of the city. We had to apply for permits in Delaware while proving that our permanent residence was indeed in the county. Until then, we were told by the sheriff to either surrender our guns to him for safe keeping until our permits were issued, or have someone we know in the county with a permit and gun safe to hold them for us.

    It seems that a NYC permit is not recognized upstate, just as an upstate permit isn't recognized in NYC.

    We hate this state and will one day move.
    Stay safe - DW
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    I live and was issued a permit in Saratoga County. The NRA Pistol Safety Course instructor informed us that our permits are valid anywhere in NY but NYC and LI. He also told us that transporting them loaded was fine. And concealed carry is a must. No open carry. There are tons of grey area ragarding the restrictions, etc in NY State. I've seen people in rural areas who arent concealing very well, pretty much open carrying. But i guess it all depends where you are for that to be a big issue. I know i Saratoga/Albany area I've heard a couple horror stories of people concealed carrying who's weapons were spotted by citizens and had police called on them...

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    as a follow up, my permit got approved on Dec 4th, it took about 7 weeks. looks like NY is making some changes for the better!

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    i live in broome county and got my pp some 8-9yrs ago at the time the judge that signed them would only do a hunting target permit for some one who would be using it for hunting and plinking and i was told if i put on application at the time that i wanted also cc that the permit would be automaticaly denied.
    from what i understand that was false in that the judge decided who could and who could not carry a cc.
    if im registering for a permit i would think that it shows i am law abiding person so why descriminate against .
    maybe i dont illistrate what im trying to say correctly but i hope you see what im sayin here.
    i asked the sheriff at the time that if i carry my pistol in a shoulder holster does it have to be on the out side of my coat.. his response was this .. if he was ME he would have holster Under jacket to keep weather rain snow what ever off of the pistol, i asked was that not then a concealed pistol? he stated NO YOU ARE HUNTING .
    that has bugged me ever since that i had the choice to get a ccp but didnt in thinking it would (the pistol permit)would get denied. now i have to go and take a course just to get what i could have had in the first place and 200 dollars more . at the time my permit was 80-90dollars to apply for it . i am still goin to go to the course as the information vallue is worth it to me ,but just seems that a judge miss used his authority in handing permits out as His personal reasons and NOTuseing the Legal laws to pass or fail a person for application. again this is just what i have been told and i could be wrong and if so i do appogise for any missinformation

  6. Hey guys nichols45 here i,m from brooklyn ny and i tried in 2003 to apply for a target premise license and was denied i have a disorderly conduct in which the case was sealed in 1986.anyway i,m planning on moving back to rennsaelar county by june what do you think my chances are for getting a permit there. By the way i was a juvee in 1986 and it doesn,t show on my fbi file and i haven,t been in any trouble since.

  7. Sorry jad a disorderly conduct wow its late mis spelling

  8. I think is worth noting that the NYS Penal Code DOES NOT provide for restrictions on your license. NYC and LI have other ideas but in upstate any restriction placed by the licensing officer are ADMINISTRATIVE restrictions and are not recognized by the Penal Code.

    When you apply for a license you get a Carry Concealed License. The "Judge" will probably put "Hunting / Target" on the license but carrying at any time is not breaking NYS Law, you are just breaking the "Judges" restriction which may cause the Judge to revoke your license but has no lawful ramifications. In other words, you can not be charged with a crime for carrying outside these restrictions.

    I have interacted with many NYS Troopers and Sheriff Deputies and have never had the Hunting / Target restriction questioned. Most of them are aware that the restriction means litte to nothing in your right to carry with the CCW.

    Unless you are doing something completely stupid they will not have reason to report you to the Judge. Although there is no rule that you show your CCW to a LEO in NY I always hand it to a LEO with my Drivers License. Each time I get a "Thank You" from the LEO and a higher level of respect.

    Advise from the local NRA Trainer:
    Get your CCW. Join a club. Put a range bag with some ammo and targets in your trunk. Carry CONCEALED. Don't be a jerk when dealing with a LEO. Continue to petition your licensing officer for removal of the Administrative Restriction in a respectful manner.

    I'm not an attorney so don't believe anything I say. Read the NYS Penal Code for yourself.
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  9. upstae newyork license

    thanks tag so this means that i should not have a problem getting my unrestricted carry;suppose i take both classes at the same time the nra gun safety and tha advanced class should that help me get my carry right then and there.

  10. i know it takes sixs months but you know what i mean i meant would that help me get a carry the first time out

  11. I did not say you would get an unrestricted carry.

    You will get a concealed carry license with whatever restrictions your local licensing officer decides to put on it.

    Some county Judges DO sign off on licenses without restrictions, most don't.

    It is not easy to get a carry concealed license in upstate with NO RESTRICTIONS unless your a politician, celebrity, rich and famous or well connected.

    Again, the restrictions are imposed by the licensing officer, not by any State law.

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