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Thread: pistol permit in upstate NY

  1. ok but i heard that was only in certain counties and that some counties are easier than others

  3. I have heard that some Judges just won't, others will, and others may after you petition them after having your permit for a year or so without any trouble.

    As the penal code says, it's at their discretion.

    Good luck and let us know how it turns out for you.

  4. good to know

    hey thanks I didn,t know they made you wait a year before you can gaet a unrestricted. when i do get it i don,t know what kind of firearm i wanna get I like the kimber goldmatch minus the mim parts i would change out all the mim and get bar stock steel on every mim part on the gun. what do you think is that a good idea.

  5. Nichols45,

    You have misinterpreted what I have said.

    There is NO rule to wait a year.

    Getting an unrestricted license is up to the discretion of each licensing officer. It's different in each county. Some are easy, most are not.

  6. It is not a crime to carry concealed with a restricted license in upstate NY

    Found this link you may find backs up my un-official claim that it is not a crime to carry concealed with a restricted license in upstate NY.
    The Gun Zone RKBA -- John Skylar Chambers

    If your license ID starts with the letter "C" you have a concealed carry license. If you have restrictions on the license and you do something foolish, the LEO may report you to the Judge (does not happen often if ever) and the Judge could then suspend or revoke.

    Keep it concealed and be respectful of any LEO you encounter and you will be fine.

    If the worst happens and you have to use you firearm to stop an attacker, no matter what your license says you will most likely be arrested and charge with murder. Then your trouble begins.


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    What tag said. Carrying concealed on a 'target and hunting'/restricted permit is not in violation of NYS law, but it is a violation of the issuing county's 'rules' if so noted on the license. If your issuing agent is notified of carry violation your permit will probably be revoked, but you cannot be charged w.a crime.

  8. Just as I said.

    Thanks for that TheMan.

    You really have to do something foolish to get reported.

  9. thanks i really appreciate the intel guys. i,ll do that

  10. Quote Originally Posted by harvey13118 View Post
    In Cayuga County I called the Deputy Sheriff in charge of permits and asked him how to answer because they had hunting, target, home etc. My question when hunting it will be concealed under outer garments. The Deputy told me they do not issue for anything but full concealed carry. But you can carry open while hunting.

    I use .44 deer hunting as a short range back up. I carry a XP100 7mmbr for 100+ yds. The beauty of hand gun hunting is: you do not have to load and unload pistols can be carried loaded.

    Ask the Deputy in charge of permits. Or ask at the local ranges. There a lot of shooters down there.
    So, did you get full concealed carry?

  11. Jan L from NY

    To the best of my knowledge, all New York CW pistol permits are concealed carry. I would however suggest
    that you check with the Broom county Sheriff's office and the Broom County clerk as to the local interpretation.
    As far as hunting with a pistol check with your local D.E.C. office.

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