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Thread: pistol permit in upstate NY

  1. ccw new york state

    hello every one new to the site .have a question, i am moving to new york state next year.and i have a few handguns what do i need to do

  3. Quote Originally Posted by rutstrut View Post
    hello every one new to the site .have a question, i am moving to new york state next year.and i have a few handguns what do i need to do

    Contact the issuing office in the county you will be living. Start with the County Sheriff office. some of them have websites with info about permits.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by jlesterhuis View Post
    To the best of my knowledge, all New York CW pistol permits are concealed carry. I would however suggest
    that you check with the Broom county Sheriff's office and the Broom County clerk as to the local interpretation.
    As far as hunting with a pistol check with your local D.E.C. office.

    All carry permits in NY are for concealed only. There is no open cary in NY with the exception of hunting as described in the NY fish and game laws.

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    Until you are a resident, I don't think you can apply for a NYS concealed carry license. Could you have a dealer you trust hold your guns while you were moving and getting settled here? I don't know the legal issues that would be involved in that, but once you have a NY permit, you could have one FFL ship them to an FFL in your new area. Be aware that it can take up to 6 months to get the paperwork returned in some counties. Long guns, outside of NYC are not a problem.


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    Hey all:

    Since I am in the training and education end of things and deeply involved with the only approved CCW Upgrade Training class in Broome, I can tell you that they will issue you a 'restricted permit' initially. It's kind of like a permit for a driver's license. Then, go out and gain the valuable and necessary education and training required to carry in public (Laws, regulations, do's and don't, etc) by attending a class that has been reviewed and cleared by the Judge and you can then submit to get the full, 'UNrestricted permit'.

    Even before I became an instructor, I believed that you need to know a lot more than just how the gun works and that you can hit a paper target at 10 yds. You need to know the mindset behind carrying, the laws of where you are, when you would be justified, etc., before you even start to carry in public. It is too often that people are less than excited about educating themselves about firearms. In the classes I do, it is highly evident that education is the most important part of the picture, rather than what gun, how, where, and what club do I join.

    All I can do it encourage everyone to go to a class that talks about the legalities, use of force, mindset, and more. If you can sit there and say "Yeah, I already know that stuff" and it has been a while, maybe think about doing another class again, just to update yourselves on anything new.

    Remember, you are carrying an awesome type of responsibility. You owe it to yourselves and others to earn it.

    Rochester Personal Defense

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    Quote Originally Posted by rutstrut View Post
    hello every one new to the site .have a question, i am moving to new york state next year.and i have a few handguns what do i need to do
    Change your mind and move somewhere else.
    A citizen who shirks his duty to contribute to the security of his community is little better than the criminal who threatens it.

  8. NYS Penal Law section 400 has two types of pistol licenses carry & premise.Counties like Nassau,Suffolk,Westchester have restriction's To & From Range or Hunting.For example a person with a Sullivan County unrestricted license who is visiting a friend in Nassau County is allowed to carry a gun concealed but his friend who has a Nassau Target permit is prohibited from carrying his weapon unless he is going to the indoor range.Being a police officer for many years I have encountered many people carrying a loaded weapon on them with just a Target restricted permit.The reason was they belonged to a 24/7 gun range and were going to do some target practice which is never the case.Most cops don't like guns and are against a civilian carrying a gun and would call the pistol license section to report a licensee was in possesion/carrying and have the licensee revoked.Depending on where you live in New York the trend now is restricted issue or what some call a Sportsman license.

  9. CCW New York

    The trend upstate for new permits being issued have been placed with restrictions unless you show cause to carry concealed.Being a police officer for many years I have stopped people who were speeding and just happened to hand over there permit with there driver license.The reason they would have it was because they belonged to a 24/7 indoor gun range.So it seems like a good excuse but in reality most cops hate guns and would be quick to report it to the pistol license section to have your permit revoked.New York has many liberal residents and elect anti-gun politicians.For example you can carry your concealed weapon with an unrestricted upstate license in Nassau County a suburb of NYC but that person who has a Nassau target permit must leave his gun home.However it's not a crime to be caught carrying with your target/sportsman permit.

  10. CCW New York

    Most cops are anti-gun and you sure can expect to have your permit revoked by the judge or the Police Dept.I have seen it happen good luck with trying to get your permit back.
    Quote Originally Posted by tag1737 View Post
    I think is worth noting that the NYS Penal Code DOES NOT provide for restrictions on your license. NYC and LI have other ideas but in upstate any restriction placed by the licensing officer are ADMINISTRATIVE restrictions and are not recognized by the Penal Code.

    When you apply for a license you get a Carry Concealed License. The "Judge" will probably put "Hunting / Target" on the license but carrying at any time is not breaking NYS Law, you are just breaking the "Judges" restriction which may cause the Judge to revoke your license but has no lawful ramifications. In other words, you can not be charged with a crime for carrying outside these restrictions.

    I have interacted with many NYS Troopers and Sheriff Deputies and have never had the Hunting / Target restriction questioned. Most of them are aware that the restriction means litte to nothing in your right to carry with the CCW.

    Unless you are doing something completely stupid they will not have reason to report you to the Judge. Although there is no rule that you show your CCW to a LEO in NY I always hand it to a LEO with my Drivers License. Each time I get a "Thank You" from the LEO and a higher level of respect.

    Advise from the local NRA Trainer:
    Get your CCW. Join a club. Put a range bag with some ammo and targets in your trunk. Carry CONCEALED. Don't be a jerk when dealing with a LEO. Continue to petition your licensing officer for removal of the Administrative Restriction in a respectful manner.

    I'm not an attorney so don't believe anything I say. Read the NYS Penal Code for yourself.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by rutstrut View Post
    hello every one new to the site .have a question, i am moving to new york state next year.and i have a few handguns what do i need to do
    I'm going to ask this question so I know that it was asked. Is whatever is there in New York State worth giving up a lot of your Second Amendment rights for?

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