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Thread: pistol permit in upstate NY

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    You don't give up your 2nd ammendment rights outside of New York city, but you do have to work harder to keep the use of them. The benefits of NY are the recreational opportunities in the state. The scenic and historic areas are great. On the other hand, I don't think any state other than Kalifornia pays more taxes. I stay here because of family responsibilities. When they have ended, I'll be seeing NY in the rear view mirror.

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    I have a family summer home on the western edge of the Adirondack Park in Lewis County and it’s been a 2nd home for me for the past 41 years. I love the area and would be hard pressed to never go. I however would be hard pressed to live there as the taxes are harsh. Get that, the guy from Taxachusetts thinks the NY taxes are Harsh… I live in MA (Difficult to get LTC here… Not as bad as NY I must type) and would love to carry over the border but they do not issue Non-res permits. After reading the posts by tag1737 and RochPersDef I agree with both. Yes the new license may not be the same level or class of license currently held in the state you reside in now, but doing this right will keep you in the good graces of the local license issuing judge. I agree with checking the local and state laws fully and consulting with the local LE-Office (Sheriff’s office or State police). Contacting the county Judge (use the information from the web site link here County Courts | Broome County, NY) and inquire as to the procedures and ask if the same level of permit can be obtained. It may take just sending a copy of the license issued to you now. Some dialog with the judge now could make things easier. Maybe the judge is a reasonable fellow and with good manners, lots of “please” and a big helping of “thank you your honor” Who knows could go a long way... Just some ideas… I don’t consider that BUTT Kissin, I would call that survival tactics...
    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

  4. New york law states you can not carry in state parks so how does that work if you live in one?

  5. This topic came up at nyfirearms.org recently and this is the consensus on Broome County -- the county is issuing restricted licenses to all applicants. Once an applicant has held a license and has completed a safety course, the applicant can petition the court to have the restrictions removed (e.g. for a "full carry" or unrestricted carry license). The court will often approve the request and remove the restrictions. No guarantee though. I do not know how Broome would handle the situation where an already licensed NY resident moves into the county and transfers a license -- whether they would re-issue a full carry to an applicant who had a full carry, or whether they would agree to hear a request to remove restrictions at the time the "new" Broome County license was issued.

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