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Thread: Best least expensive revolver for concealed carry?

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    That one is comfortable with and results in good groups. Why not buy the best you are able to afford, after you have researched and tried.
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    Any revolver that goes bang every time you pull the trigger is best.
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  3. Consider a Charter Arms. They come in .38, .40 and .45 cals. They are 5 shot, snub nose and up. I have one I purchased back in 1979 in .38 snub nose and it always performs when I want it to. Excellent little pistol.
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    Rock Island Armory M206 6RD 38Spl 2" Barrel

    $229 for a .38 snub.

    I have one and I have not had any issues. It seems to shoot straight. My groups aren't bad, not like my SR9, but good enough for a belly gun.

    Here is a review.
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  5. You don't necessarily need a snub. I have a 4" barrel on my 38 and it holsters fine. I actually use it more often than not in a shoulder rig where it nestles quite nicely under my arm.

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    Also, weird and random question, but does anyone know if in NC if I get a non resident elsewhere is that sufficient for the background check when I purchase a pistol? Like, instead of having to buy additional purchase permits? (:
    No, a Non-resident CCW permit holder in NC still must get a pistol purchase permit from the county sheriff. Also, it does not get you out of the NICS form and check for other gun purchases, which a NC resident permit does within the state.

  7. My Wife has a Taurus 85 that she bought back around '93. That pistol has quite a few rounds through it and still looks and functions great. I would have no issues or reservations at all carrying that revolver.


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  8. I picked up a Ruger LCR as a pocket gun and it does the job - light weight, compact and reliable.

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    I'd consider a Ruger. LCR if you want small and light. SP101 if you want heavy and built like a tank. J Frame or a Model 60 are in that price range as well.

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