New residents with permit from another state
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Thread: New residents with permit from another state

  1. New residents with permit from another state

    Hi all,

    I just moved to PA from Wisconsin. I have a WI resident concealed carry permit. It shows my previous address in Wisconsin. Since moving here, I now have established residency in the keystone state. My Driver's license is now PA as well. Am I allowed to carry concealed with my previous WI permit, or do I need to apply for a PA permit?


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    Wisconsin does not issue non-resident permits. I believe your Wisconsin permit is now invalid since you have established residency in PA. Which means that you need to apply for a PA permit to "legally" carry.

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    New residents with permit from another state

    PA residents may ONLY carry with a PA License to Carry Firearms (LTCF). Even if you have a non-resident license from another state, PA won't let you use it to carry. Sorry! :(

    Per the Commonwealth vs. McKown ruling, PA residents cannot carry on a license from another state, regardless of reciprocity. Here's a good layperson's summary, with a link to the Superior court decision:

    New Ruling in Pennsylvania on Reciprocity and Second Amendment | Shall Not Be Questioned

    Here's another thread that goes into more depth:

    The Commonwealth v. McKown Aftermath…. | Prince Law Offices, P.C.

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    No you can't carry in PA on a Wi permit. You are no longer a WI resident. The good news is , if you get a PA concealed carry permit you can carry in WI. if you go back for a visit.

  6. All this stuff would be so much easier if every state just agreed with the 2nd amendment and we could all carry in every state :P..with or w/o a permit

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    Sounds like a question for the AG of PA.

    State laws vary, but if you move to NC and establish residency, you can still carry as long as your previous states permit is still valid. The mileage in other states will vary.
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    Go online and print an application. You should have no problem getting a permit in PA. I live in NY and sometimes cross into PA while on business, so after PA stopped honoring Non-Resident Permits, we simply went to the closest Sheriff's Office and the whole thing could not have been easier. All we needed to do was present the completed application along with our NY resident permit....and fee. About 15 minutes later, after they did a quick background check, my wife and I both walked out with our PA Non-Resident Permits. I can't imagine you'll have much of a problem, given you already have a permit from another state. I forgot to mention that the Sheriff in each county issues CCW permits.

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    There are currently 4 bills in committee before Congress to make Constitutional reciprocity between the law. they are Senate Bill 498, House resolutions 402,923, and 986. All bills are either in the Judiciary Committee, or Homeland Security Committee. They have mostly Republican co-sponsors and a few Democrat co-sponsors. But, unless we get rid of a Democrat Presidency, and maintain or increase the Republican Congress and Presidency none of this will happen. I have heard several on this forum with opposition to these bills, but I ask you to read each of them, for what they actually say, instead of what others think they mean, for your self. I have been keeping readers advised of these bills on the thread called "National Reciprocity". The "Nay Sayers" are loud but few. One of the benefits of these bills is it would eliminate the need for multiple state permits. Your home state would be all you would need. It is not a "new federal permit" that you would need to purchase, it has no prevision for additional registration. It does however, keep states laws on the books when carrying in that state, so if you live in one state and travel to another state you would abide by their concealed carry laws. You would still be covered by the Federal Firearms Transportation Act when traveling THROUGH states with no Concealed Carry Permits on the books at all. Of course if a state does not issue permits ( as in legal concealed or open carry being legal there legal) you would be ok. This would not have any effect on states that make concealed carry illegal in there states, it would still be illegal. As it is now, you would have to know the laws of the states you travel to or through. But, wouldn't it be great to be able to carry nationwide with only you home state permit, and not have to pay for additional/multiple permits that you may seldom use. I have 2 permits, 1 from my home state, and 1 from another state. I have never been back to the non-resident state I have the permit with since I got it, but have used it to travel to other states that do not honor my home state. These bills would eliminate that added expense and renewal hassle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gunholsterdepot View Post
    All this stuff would be so much easier if every state just agreed with the 2nd amendment and we could all carry in every state :P..with or w/o a permit
    Don't listen to the prattle of SR9 above. You suggested the correct part of the Constitution to base full 50-state reciprocity on, the 2nd Amendment. SR9 has been shown many times that every single one of the federal bills he shills for is based on the Commerce Clause, perhaps the most egregiously-bastardized clause/amendment of the entire document. And that bastardization always, 100% of the time, inures to more power for the federal government and less liberty for The People, but SR9 doesn't care. He lives in a state where reciprocity is highly limited, so he shills for these liberty-killing bills for selfish reasons only.

    Quote Originally Posted by SR9 View Post
    And let us no forget HR402 with 70 co-sponsors:

    Quote Originally Posted by BluesStringer View Post
    From the link:

    By Mr. NUGENT:
    H.R. 402.
    Congress has the power to enact this legislation pursuant
    to the following:
    The Commerce Clause in Article I, Section 8, Clause 3 of
    the United States Constitution.
    With friends like those who support these usurping bills, who needs the Brady Bunch or the Mommies?
    And for probably the 10th time or more, SR9 has co-opted another thread to shill for more Commerce Clause expansion. He hates the Constitution, hates the 2nd Amendment, hates states' rights and state sovereignty, loves collectivism, progressivism, globalism and liberalism, all while being a leftist wolf in RINO-sheep's clothing.

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    Oh boy. Here we go again.

    May I respectfully suggest we simply consider the OP's original question answered, and leave it at that.

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