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Thread: Practice at the gun range.

  1. Practice at the gun range.

    I am just curious how many of you go to the gun range and practice shooting? As a veteran I found out that I can get a discount at my local gun range and shoot as long as I want. Haven't been to the gun range in a while and feel maybe going to the gun range for practice might not be a bad ideal and maybe some fun also.


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    Many ranges have annual member rates and discounts for veterans and first responders. I am going every weekend at the moment.

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    My range gives a $2 discount to vets and a discount for a yearly membership.

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    By me there is a range that rents guns for about 10 bucks an hour and up depending on the model. The range fee is 23 bucks for the day but with ammo prices and having to buy their ammo who can afford that. It is usually about 60-100 bucks by the time people are done.

    The range i go does not have renters but it is 9 bucks an hour and you can bring your own ammo. I shoot for about 30 bucks give or take a little.

  6. I try to go to the range to practice every 3 weeks or so during the warmer weather months here in PA. I am a member at a private outdoor range. My dues are about $80 per year. I reload every cartridge that I shoot. I have always limited my ammo expenditure to about 100 rounds of center fire per practice session (200 rounds of rimfire). This works out to about a hour's worth of practice. After an hour, I get a bit tired and find that I'm only wasting ammo, so there's no need for me to feel any need to do more. I try to concentrate on a specific exercise each time in order to get the most out of my money/ammo/practice time.
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    My husband and I are retired. We go to a BLM range every Monday (weather permitting). It's a little over an hour drive, so we pack a picnic lunch, drive down beautiful country roads, and shoot for a couple of hours. Our only costs are gas and ammo unless we decide to go out to dinner on the way home. Because it's a week day, there is rarely anyone else there. The few people we have met at this range have been all friendly and helpful. Shooters always want to share their knowledge. An added benefit, because we go on Monday, we pick up a lot of brass left by the weekend crowd. Recycled, the brass pays for much of our gas.
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    We have open range 5 miles down the road from our house. Shoot for fun every 2-3 months.
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  9. I am fortunate that I can just walk out my back door and fire away to my hearts content.... As far as how often, not nearly enough as ammo costs money I dont normally have, but more practice is definitely better than less...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hatchetman View Post
    I am fortunate that I can just walk out my back door and fire away to my hearts content.... As far as how often, not nearly enough as ammo costs money I dont normally have, but more practice is definitely better than less...
    Pretty much the same boat I'm in, except I have four to five targets set up at all times at various parts of the property that I shoot at least one magazine's worth at three days a week or more as I'm walking by. Depending on what I'm doing around the property, I may shoot a little every day of a given week. Doesn't burn up the ammo near as fast, keeps my trigger-control well-practiced, keeps my target-acquisition well-practiced, and allows me to rotate the oldest ammo out of the stockpile on a regular basis. I shoot long guns much less often though. Haven't figured out a convenient way to remedy that, but when I do break 'em out, I shoot like I was at the range, going through at least a couple hundred rounds for rifles, and 50 or so for shotguns. Luckily for me, I have an out-building that my wife has no interest in going into where I can clean guns regularly. She would've split awhile ago if I was using that much solvent in the house as often as I clean the guns. Thinkin' about setting up a reloading station in that building too. We'll see....

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    My wife and I retired last year and moved to WV full time. On my property I have a 90'x30' range dug into the ground with a 14' berm. A 3" gravel bed covers the entire area.
    Firing positions go out to 50 yards. I've kept track of my round count since January. During warmer weather I average 200 rounds per session and usually shoot 4-5 sessions per week. I dry fire at least 3 times per week but a lot more when the weather is bad or too cold. I tell myself I need to dry fire more often but that doesn't always work. I buy remanufactured ammo by the case. If you look online you can find good deals. The last order I made was for 9mm 115 grain round nose ammo which cost $8.50 per box of 50 including the cost of shipping.

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