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Thread: CC Holster recommendations for MP Shield

  1. CC Holster recommendations for MP Shield

    I need a holster for M&P Shield for cc with certain parameters...any suggestions would be helpful

    IWB or BWB, needs to have some kind of locking for gun so won't fall out (in my work I sometimes crawl around, etc) well as a possible strap or safety mechanism so if a child/student saw it and tried to pull it out they wouldn't be able to.... Obviously want something that minimizes imprinting and not too expensive

    Anyone have good recommendations?


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    As for BWB, SmartCarry. The gun sits below your belt and will not fall out.

    As for IWB, any adjustable kydex or hybrid IWB holster can be set very tight. The gun will simply not fall out.

    As for someone else disarming you, that would be very difficult with an IWB holster, especially with a tight setting. The gun has to be drawn straight out of the holster. Yanking the gun, which any adversary would do, will prevent it to be taken out of the holster.

    Consider that a tight setting requires to have belt loops instead of belt clips. Otherwise, you may draw your weapon with your holster when the belt clips fail. Velcro-backed loops with a velcro-backed belt are the best option. There are also velcro-backed V-clips that work with a velcro-backed belt. You can attach the male and female Velcro to your belt and holster loop by yourself, using high-strength Velcro from an office supply store.

    I personally like the NSR Tactical LLC-4 holster, but there are many other adjustable IWB holsters.

    The N82 Professional IWB holsters have some additional passive locking system, requiring the firearm to be twisted while drawing. I personally find this overkill. If someone can take your firearm out of a standard IWB holster with a tight setting, then they can do this out of this holster as well.

    Get some professional training on how to protect your weapon being taken from you.

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