SealthGear USA Holsters....Thoughs?
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Thread: SealthGear USA Holsters....Thoughs?

  1. SealthGear USA Holsters....Thoughs?

    've been looking for decent mini IWB holster and i've read that SealthGear USA holsters are decent but was wondering if anybody here has any personal experience with their holsters and what your though are about them before i shell out $100 for a IWB Concealed Carry holster that fits my SCCY-CPX2 W/ TR10 ArmaLaser

  3. I own the Stealth Gear Onyx standard size holster for my Sig Sauer p239. It has worked very well for me. It is comfortable for all day wear, and the VentCore backing stays cool. It has excellent retention while providing an easy draw. I switched out the standard belt clips for Ulticlips. They provide a positive firm connection so the holster does not move and they also provide almost full concealment since only a small amount of the clip is visible above the belt. I have no problem recommending Stealthgear. 5 stars.

    Hope this helps your decision.

  4. I have 3 of their holsters and about to order a 4th.
    an Onyx (now called their "standard") and a Flex for my Shield, and a Flex for my XDM 3.8 .45 compact.
    I just recently acquired an M&P 9C and I will be ordering one of their new "mini" IWB
    holsters for that as well.
    By far my favorite on the market, I would order a Flex for the 9C as well but I already
    have a JM Kustom Kydex OWB V2 that I ordered for another M&P that I have since sold that works just fine with it.
    They are expensive but IMO worth every penny. I routinely drop over $200.00 for a brick of ammo, why penny pinch
    on something as important as a quality Holster?

  5. Been through about 10 holsters this past few months. Trying different things to see what I like best. As far as waist carry, I winded up liking an a small single clip kydex holsters the best. I was insistent that the hybrids looked more comfortable, so I kept trying different ones. I didnt like any of the wider dual clip holsters. Just too much a pain to put on pants and/or adjust when needed. As for the hybrids themselves, whether leather or some other type of soft backing - I just didnt like how when a gun is drawn the soft backing can push in and become harder to reholster. Not that it was really bad but I prefered the all kydex staying fulling open and hearing it audibly click and lock into place when I holster the gun. With that said I have also gave a couple shoulder holsters a try and really enjoying the result on that.

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    Extremely sturdy and yet extremely comfortable for those who carry a firearm and accessories.

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