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Thread: Does anyone carry without a holster?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikestone967 View Post
    That's gonna leave a mark.... for sure!

    PS, that's the very same model holster I now have my 9mm Kahr in as we speak! Does anyone carry without a holster?
    Well, the actual story behind these pictures is not the carry position, but the holster. The pictures are taken from an article, titled When Bad Holsters Turn Worse: This Guy Took One Right In The A$$, Here’s Why A Proper Holster Is Essential.

  3. Yup! Good ole "Uncle Mikes" size 5 and it's about in that shape too!

  4. Ouch!

    I bet that stung like he'll don't you know!Does anyone carry without a holster?

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  5. The last time I carried a gun stuck in my belt was a colt 45 doing plain clothes security for an military convention. Uncle was too cheap to qual us with 38's and didn't have any holsters around besides the regular military belt type. So we got to stuff it in our belt with 2 clips in our belt, at least that's the best I could come up with. We looked like well dressed pirates. With nothin in the tube it was safe enough though.
    Since then it's a holster or nothing. My current piece is an LCP in a Desantis. That has a tendency to try to come out with the gun but it's still manageable. It's more comfortable in the holster too at least for me and I don't want some tangle of car keys getting caught on the trigger . It does happen.

  6. Check out the MIC Holsters, basic trigger guard cover. I purchased three so I don't have to worry about the triggers. I updated the link so you can see what I am talking about, you should like the idea, no holsters to deal with.

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    The only circumstance under which I could imagine it being a good idea to carry without a holster is if you are carrying without a round in the chamber. And that's still a bad idea because in the time it takes to chamber a round, the bad guy could already have used his against you. Do yourself a favor, keep a round in the chamber, and keep your weapon in a holster that keeps the trigger covered.
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    I suspect most gang members and criminals with illegal guns carry without a holster.
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