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Thread: You're Favorite Pocket Gun

  1. LCP 2 with Underwood 65g xtreme defender

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  3. I have a few g43s as well. Also a 938

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  4. Ruger LCP II. Over 500 round without a single hiccup. I added a Hogue grip which I really like!

    Currently loaded with Precision One HP/XTP.

  5. Kahr PM9 loaded with 124 grain Hydra-Shok in a DeSantis Nemesis pocket holster. I've contemplated changing the load to CorBon 115 grain +P (for years now), but I would want to run at least 100 rounds through to make sure it fed reliably and I don't want to run that many rounds of high pressure ammo through the gun (though I think the PM9 is rated for +P).
    I've had my eyes on the S&W 340PD for years now, as I think it would draw from a pocket easier (sometimes the stubby back of the slide gets caught on the front of my pocket with the Kahr). And with the S&W I could put a Crimson LaserGrip on it. But I've been carrying the PM9 for more than ten years now, and I'll probably be carrying it ten years from now (when it's not in an ankle holster). Most of the time it's my BUG, but on hot summer days when wearing shorts, I sometimes just carry it.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by seagullplayer View Post
    Looks like some folks have bigger pockets than others... lol
    I agree. Not sure how some get those 9ís in their pocket

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    Quote Originally Posted by smileyblair View Post
    I agree. Not sure how some get those 9ís in their pocket

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    My little Ruger fits better in my shorts pocket with the standard mag but I can still conceal it with the extended mag inserted.

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    Have to say my Kahr PM9 & SW 342ti.

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    Glock 42 loaded with Hornady 90 grain XTP's.
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    I often fit my Rock M1911A1 Series '70' 45 cal. (3.5 inch) easily in my back pocket. Loaded with Fort Scott Solid Copper Spun (TUI) Munitions of course.
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