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Thread: New to CC; Handgun Suggestions?

  1. Is there a forum that shows the current points tally? 😜

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arc Angel View Post

    Bloviate: To talk at length, especially in a vacuous or empty manner.

    Prevaricator: A person who deviates from the truth, and/or quotes out-of-context. Someone who tells lies in order to bolster his own image, or prove a fictitious premise. (Like, say, Satan the devil.)

    Eidolon: An unsubstantial image. (More at idol) A pretender, or an imposter who likes to imagine that he can cower or scare people.

    bfoh: An opinionated jerk who craves both positive and negative attention, and canít keep his big mouth shut.

    Misdirection: A form of deception intended to steer attention away from one thing, (usually the truth) and towards another (usually an illusion).

    Sock Puppet: A devious and socially maladjusted person who posts on the same internet (usually) gun forum under two, or more, different registered identities.

    Imbecile: Someone who is too stupid to mind his own business and stay out of someone elseís online argument.

    Gun Jerk: An online internet gun forum fool who thinks his way is the only right way, and is quick to: attack, twist, lie, and/or distort facts in order to prevail and, 'shade' reality to serve his own selfish purposes.

    Unfortunately for any others who might rely upon the internet for reliable information: Gun jerks, as a group, tend to flock together in support of each other's erroneous opinions. Which, when you come right down to it, is the principal reason, 'Why' common sense (along with many other social, technical, and political truths) is (or are) actually so uncommon!

    You may want to look in the mirror for once. You did not provide any counter argument in this thread whatsoever, just personal attacks. I stand by my comments that actually address the topic of this thread. Feel free to critique them with factual information.

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