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  • If I'm awake, I'm carrying, even at home

    211 40.58%
  • Religiously whenever I leave the house

    219 42.12%
  • Whenever I'm going to be in a high crime area

    37 7.12%
  • Other

    53 10.19%
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Thread: How often do you carry?

  1. Quote Originally Posted by handgonnetoter View Post
    One or more of my handguns are with me ALL THE TIME. I would rather go thru my whole life carrying a gun and never needing it, than to have that on time that I need it and don't have it.
    Exactly right. I am reminded of a McDonald's in Texas and the idiocy of "gun free zones" like Post Offices and Schools. So the only folks without a gun are the honest, law-abiding, innocent citizens, eh.
    Igitur qui desiderat pacem praeparet bellum. . .Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus, et Fidelis. . . .Nemo me impune lacessit . . .Veritas vos Liberabit. . . .ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ! . . . .Write, speak, do!

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    My wife looks at me with a hint of bemusement, but she doesn't say anything about me carrying whenever I leave the house.

    Just after I met her I carried her to the gun range with me and taught her the fundamentals of safe gun handling. She had never fired a gun before in her life and I even got her interested enough to try a round or two of skeet. I gave her a 9 shot 22 revolver for Christmas that year and told her to keep it loaded and in her nightstand. She pooh poohed the thought that she would ever need it, but did as I suggested. A few months later she awoke to find a stranger standing at the foot of her bed. She missed nine times but he vacated the premises so quickly he tore the door he had jimmied off the hinges.

    Now she sleeps with it under the pillow.

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    Why purchase a gun if you aren't going to carry it? If I want to look at one, I can go to a gun shop.

  5. We're not allowed to carry on the worksite. Today is the first time I've gone anywhere w/o my pistol for several years. Had to run in to town alone to bank and PO, both no carry zones, so didn't take the time to stop by and pick up pistol from trailer. Don't like to leave it in the vehicle unattended, it might get lonely and run away from home. When I'm on home turf, I always carry or have within reach either a handgun or rifle. I keep the coyotes and gas thieves pretty jumpy around home.

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    Thumbs up how often do you carry?

    it's with me at all times, even at home. you can't tell in this world any more when you might need it. it's kinda like a spare tire, hope i wont have to use it but better to have it and not need it! right now it's on the table under my computor.
    doing what is popular is not always right and doing what is right is not always popular

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    I carry all the time I legally can except when we have little kids over at the house. Then I'll put it in the gun safe. I don't want any accidents happening - and with kids around - anything can happen!

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    Whenever I'm out of bed, except where legally prohibited. Putting on my firearm is just part of getting dressed in the morning.
    Si vis pacem, para bellum.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by DarrellM5 View Post
    I carry every time I leave the house, unless I'm going to work, which is a "victim disarmament zone". I don't carry at home, but the doors are locked and deadbolted and I can get to my firearm very quickly. I also live in a rural Nevada town with an extremely low crime rate (probably because I don't even know of anyone living here who doesn't have a gun).

    For those places I can't carry and can't avoid visiting, I leave the pistol in the vehicle. I still carry a folding knife and tactical flashlight and I've taken empty hand defense and edged weapons classes.
    I wish it was low crime here my Nevada Brother . It's nice to hear that in Nevada or anywhere ! Take care and God Bless .

  10. Quote Originally Posted by JJFlash View Post
    I understand folks' reluctance to write openly about carry decisions in the face of an eventual government crack down, which I believe is imminent. However, there comes a time to stand up and be counted. I believe that time is upon us. I mean, we now live in a country where what we THINK can subject us to criminal and civil litigation (hate crimes) and where we have a ruling aristocracy (Dems & Repubs alike), who do not live by the same laws that they impose on the rest of us. (Don't even get me started about the trillion dollar Porkulus bill.)
    The basis of the 2nd Amendment is that we are armed in order to fight an oppressive government. Sounds harsh, but there it is.

    For the record, 99.99% of the time, I carry legally. However, I have carried (or at least had a weapon close by) all my life, legal and otherwise. My concern is that a lot of folks are "giddy" about having a CCW permit, think it's cool to carry, as long as the gov't says it's ok. Personally, "from my cold dead fingers" is the creed I follow and I don't give a rat's ass what the gov't says. Live free or die.
    You are my hero also ! Man I love the way you think . It reminds me of politically correct bumper stickers of the 70's ! I miss those tough guys who never bothered anyone ! Different times now I guess (but still miss those times bad !) . Take care God Bless!

  11. Quote Originally Posted by dsokoll View Post
    Its part of getting dressed for me. If i have pants on, i have a gun on. We have had several home invasions with the last few months several blocks away. A gun in the other room serves no purpose.
    Very true !!! Let them ring the doorbell : stand behind the door ready for WWIII .Take care and God Bless !

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