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  • If I'm awake, I'm carrying, even at home

    211 40.58%
  • Religiously whenever I leave the house

    219 42.12%
  • Whenever I'm going to be in a high crime area

    37 7.12%
  • Other

    53 10.19%
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Thread: How often do you carry?

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    I work on an Army post, so no carry allowed. As soon as I get back home, on goes the pistol! I carry at church on Sunday with the pastor's knowledge and lock up the firearm in my truck in a secured container when at the kids school functions. As far as carrying in dangerous places, I have seen enough unacceptable behavior in supposedly 'good' places to not take chances. If I cannot conceal the XD-40, I carry the 22 Beretta in my back pocket!

  3. I have always carried most of my life. As stated in the poll, "if I am awake, I am carrying". I even sleep with my pistol under my pillow with extra loaded magazines on the night stand!
    What part of "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED" do they not understand!

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    I carry 95% of the time except for while in work. Then it is locked in a cabled case in my car with the magazine & extra round on me. At home about 50% of the time I have it in my pocket, other than that it is either on top of the grandfather clock, on top of the kitchen cabinet or in front of me while I am on the PC like right now. There you are my little buddy. Walther PPS 40cal.

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    I selected option 2 but as I sat here reading the posts I realized I always have my .38 in my back pocket. SO I guess I am really option 1. I am just so used to having it there I don't think about it most of the time. Generally I have a firearm within reach anywhere I may be in the house. When I go out the door I put on my .45 but I don't sit around the house with it on.

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    Everywhere all the time, If I'm awake I'm carrying or it's right next to me.
    I fear a government that fears my gun.

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    Leave it locked in the truck at the PO. Have to leave it at home when going on base. But the Navy must not trust the Marine gate guard either as last trip he had no sidearm.

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