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  • If I'm awake, I'm carrying, even at home

    211 40.58%
  • Religiously whenever I leave the house

    219 42.12%
  • Whenever I'm going to be in a high crime area

    37 7.12%
  • Other

    53 10.19%
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Thread: How often do you carry?

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    I'm very fortunate..... in a way. I work for the feds, so I can't carry on the grounds, but I stop at the guardhouse, and check my handgun on the way in, and pick it up on the way out. The pistol is in a steel cabinet, and I supply the padlock. I ocassionally shoot with all the cops on post, so the situation, while not perfect, beats having to leave tha pistol at home. The rest of the time, if I'm awake, I carry.
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    I can't carry at work

    I can't carry at work soooooooo.........

    I carry every other legal oppurtunity.

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    EVERYTIME I leave the house. I've worn it at home outside in the yard and SOMETIMES but very rarely in the house.
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    Everywhere!! except work, which unfortunutly is gun free.
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  6. How often do you carry?

    Some may disagree with my choice to carry 24/7, even at home, that is certainly their right. I consider myself to be a fairly intelligent human being who has the ability to read, write and speak English, the language of our land. I also have the ability to think for myself, and form what I consider to be an informed decision concerning the safety of myself and my wife. I have read lately about the increase in the number of home invasions where people are murdered, such as the one where the guy murdered eight people, set a fire to try to cover the crime, got severely burned and committed suicide. If someone knocks on my door, believe me that I am prepared to meet force with force, if need be. I refuse to be a victim. Something I do consider quirky, I have applied to our city to join their police department's volunteer Senior Patrol. I do not think they allow Senior Patrol persons to carry. Go figure.
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    I am always packing, wherever and whenever. When at home I always have a firearm within reach.

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    I go to the barn every morning at 4:30 AM right after my blue jeans go on my CCW is second.

    I can't carry at work but it isn't far away.

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    I carry wherever legal to do so. Unfortunately work isn't one of those places :( .

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    Quote Originally Posted by wuzfuz View Post
    Something I do consider quirky, I have applied to our city to join their police department's volunteer Senior Patrol. I do not think they allow Senior Patrol persons to carry. Go figure.
    Why not?

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    The next logical question is how many make sure they also slip that CCW permit into their jammies when they get up to check that thump in the dark? Inside your home not such a big to put both together while calling 911. U can be sure that the LEO(s) who respond will ask "Where was your CCW permit when U shot the BG!" Out and about no big, in your back-yard or detached garage at 2am in a dressing gown or PJ's with a .45 dispatching a BG may entail running somewhere to make that happen. Leaving the scene or what? No big if no nosey neighbor tells officer Snoopy that you ran away from the guy U just shot not waited for the cops to arrive, I guess "I ran to call 911" works and may be true? I don't know the answer to that legal quandary. I am sure I'll get a reply or a flame, think about it in a court of law terms B 4 you slam out a 1-liner


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