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    More information on 10mm rounds:

    • Comprehensive 10mm Ammunition Stats, including bullet type/manufacturer, powder being used, and tested speed and energy out of a Glock 20 with standard 4.75-inch and longer 6-inch barrel
    • tnoutdoors9 tested a number of 10mm rounds on his YouTube channel.
    • Reasonably priced warm 10mm FMJ loads can be found at LAX Ammo.
    • Hot 10mm FMJ, JHP and hardcast loads can be found at Underwood Ammo.
    • Always check the weight and muzzle velocity of 10mm ammunition you intent to buy. Many, well known manufacturers produce 10mm ammunition with only .40 S&W or slightly better loads.
    • Yes, you can shoot hardcast bullets through a Glock barrel if they are gas checked. Shoot them at a paper target to check if a round key holes, i.e., tumbles. Clean your barrel after shooting hardcast to remove the lead fouling.
    • Shooting hot loads through a Glock 20 reduces the life of the recoil spring assembly (RSA). Glock normally recommends to replace it every 3,000-4,000 rounds (Gen 1-3) or 5,000-7,500 rounds (Glock Gen 4). I usually get failure to feed and failure to extract malfunctions ("nose up" problem and stove pipe) with about 4,000 rounds throgh my Glock 20 Gen 4. That's why I asked the OP why he wanted to go Gen 3. The service interval for the Gen 3 RSA will be really short. But then, Gen 3 RSAs are only $8, while Gen 4 RSAs are $17.
    • If you get failure to feed malfunctions on a fresh RSA with heavy bullets, such as 220 gr, the bullet geometry is probably the culprit and you should not use it. Therefore, always test ammunition before buying in bulk.
    • There is no need to buy an aftermarket barrel. 10mm Glock barrels have enough case support to shoot hot loads and have enough play to ensure reliability. Aftermarket barrels are often tighter, causing all kinds of feeding problems.


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    I would expect that the additional recoil of the 10x25 would slow you down for additional follow up shots.

    I prefer the 45ACP which is an 11x23.

    Collateral damage can also be worse with the 10x25.

    I take my 45ACP with me wherever I go. And finding ammo for it is a breeze too.

  4. I currently use a 9mm...but next gun is a 1911...45 acp

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    I started out with a 9x19 (S&W Model 59) and liked it very much.

    Not long thereafter I graduated to a G/I issued 45ACP and have loved it ever since.

    With JHP's the 9's are fine. But the 45ACP is much better.

    And the 10's are probably slightly too much.

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    I have a Gen 3 20 & 29. The recoil with the 29 is very stout with full power loads. I carry the 29 when on business trips. Around town on my person is a G43 but the 29 is always close by. The 20 stands guard duty in the house by the night stand.
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