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    Yeah do not carry your Main gun in a ankle holster. As you will have to stop walking bend down and draw it. Carry your BUG in that kind of set up. (BUG.. Back Up Gun).


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    I just worry about comfort. Thought ankle carry would be more comfortable than IWB. I have a fanny pack for the Glock but wonder how many people know it for what it is. I know some do. If I'm not comfortabe I won't carry. How 'bout more info on the crossbreed. How many of you use it?
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    Oh yeah... I live in Albuqeruqe NM. Pretty toasty in the summer.

  5. I need to have a snap / positive retention device by policy (LEO Agency).

    I like the Safariland holsters, in plastic. They make a great open top holster that locks on the ejector port, and the release is actuated by your thumb from a natural draw position. Can't think of the name of the holster right now, but it looks like a 'retentionless' system as the release is well concealed. People stare when I carry open, because I carry in condition-1. Safariland makes a rock and draw that grabs the ejection port, but I prefer the thumb release with a straight-up draw. The holster is cant adjustable.

    The holster doesn't conceal as well, but it allows a positive straight up draw and there are no snags or drags. I am fairly confident the gun will stay put if I roll around on the ground with a LE-hater (occupational hazard). When I speed draw, the safety naturally comes off based on where my thumb hits the safety, immediately after the release mechanism during a fast draw.

    I give this Safariland holster 4 stars.
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    I use a CrossBreed Supertuck. I used a SmartCarry before I got the CrossBreed.

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    IWB all day every day in a summer special. I would much rather do OWB but IWB meets my needs better with the big 45's

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    My preference is OWB during the colder months of the year and IWB during the warmer months.
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    I only use Holsters UnderCoverComfort Performance Apparels as I have for many years when I worked alot of UC work when I was in law enforcement. I have used everything from 1911's, Glocks to Revolvers and wear this T-shirt Daily. I'm getting ready to purchase a black one after all these years wearing a white one. These are great in the summer as they wick the moisture from your back etc.
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    When you guys go IWB, how much larger does the waist of your jeans need to be?

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnsonabq View Post
    When you guys go IWB, how much larger does the waist of your jeans need to be?
    If you normally wear a 36 waist, I would wear one size up. Now this of course depend on your handgun and it's width and size. Try with an IWB first in your normal cloths and then upsize accordingly.
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