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Ohio is certainly not wanting for its share of a**holes either. Ever heard of Daniel Harless? Searching on his name will prove that a**holes can be found in any state, county or local jurisdiction.

Otherwise, I agree with your tactics as-described in the rest of your post, although I would personally worry less about the law in the heat of battle than I would about my own perceptions of the events unfolding around me, because generally-speaking, it is the reasonableness of your state of mind that may end up going to trial, not the second-by-second recitation of the nuances of every minuscule fact that a prosecutor may try to saddle you with at trial that go against the notion that your life or well-being was actually in danger.

Ok so i generalized-lumped everyone in with the financially and politically well off. My bad. But in my prior travel to the places mentioned, the ratio of a**holes to non-a**holes has been very high, and much more so than what I've seen in Ohio. Not that Ohio is the number one state, but the MidWest does seem to have fewer crazies per capita, including LEO's.

The Harless incident (crime) is bad. I'd bet he didn't behave AS badly as CPD or NYPD would in a similar situation, given CC existed in either place.

Ya ever been to Vanton, Ohio? I do not recommend it. Actually if I had my choice, I'd live south of the Mason-Dixon, and likely not in a coastal area....lived in Bossier City some years, have people in Arkansas as well as other places down that way. Loved it!