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Thread: Glock 19 vs Springfield XDM 3.8

  1. Both really good, it's going to come down to how they feel and shoot in your hand, so get your hands on them and shoot them. IMHO a lot of holsters are made for the Glock 19 so you may have more options of holsters made specifically for Glock. I've shot both and like both

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    I am a Glock Fan. Never shot any of the XD Line. I am sure they are good firearms. You have to try both out and decide. I just feel Glock offers more in after market than Springfield.

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    The best one is the one YOU like best.

    I've got a Glock 19, which I like.

    I've never really like the XD series. There's nothing inherently wrong with them, I just don't like the looks and already have a couple of Glocks.

    I know a number of people with XDs, and every one likes them.

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