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  1. Ltc in Massachusetts

    I'm told that I have to write a letter to the police chief in order to get my LTC. Any suggestions on how to lay it out?

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    Have you checked this site yet?

    Getting an LTC in Massachusetts

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    Reason: "Unrestricted".

    The explanation depends on the PD. Some PDs accept the following as explanation: "All lawful purposes."

    Some PDs require a more specific explanation. See BATTY V. ALBERTELLI for a PD that requires to list a specific reason. Something had to happen in your life that you fear for your safety: "I request a license with no restrictions for personal protection of myself and my family both within and outside the home." ... follow up with specifics ....

  5. I'm in mass and I had to do no such thing . what town are you applying in?
    you should check out this sight, lots of good "local" info and advice.
    here's a town by town break down on which chiefs are "green" and which are "red".
    I'm in Dedham..."All Lawful Purposes" was all I or my wife needed to state on the application.

  6. I am sure glad I don't live there.

    You got to have a permit to even carry pepper spray!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by seagullplayer View Post
    I am sure glad I don't live there.

    You got to have a permit to even carry pepper spray!
    I lived in Randolph and Medford before I was old enough to own a pistol. .......back to good old ohio

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  8. The pepper spray restriction was removed, you can just go buy it without a permit. They changed it a couple of years ago.
    I have a Mass license and it will expire and I won't renew it again, I don't live there anymore.
    I applied and had to write a letter to the chief why I wanted to carry. I was assaulted, stabbed and robbed on a job site, so I had pretty good reason to carry. It varies from town to town. Good luck.

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