Carry in Walt Disney World ?
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Thread: Carry in Walt Disney World ?

  1. Carry in Walt Disney World ?

    In a few week my family and I will be taking a winter vacation to Walt Disney World in FL. As I have a PA carry permit which is valid in FL I will be taking my small .380. I can not find any policy listing on firearms permitted in the parks yes or no. One would would think that these areas are "no gun zones" which a mad man would be glad to see. I would feel very naked with out my protection walking around with all those people. Any suggestions? Has any one carried in the parks? any comment would be helpfull.

    Thanks, Dave

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    Granny arrested for carry in WDW: (12/07)

    Grandmother Carries Weapons in Disney World // Current

    Disney relaxes restrictions on workers' guns (08/08)

    Disney relaxes restrictions on workers' guns --

    Disney employee who tested guns-at-work law exemption fired (07/08)

    Walt Disney World Park Update (Walt Disney World Park Update) by Mark Goldhaber

    Being private property, I believe that they can post it weapons free. When my neighbor went, he didn't notice if it was clearly posted or not. I would give them a call.
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    I've done it. Whatever you do, be sure to carry on your person. From past visits, I learned that they do search bags, but AFIK, there's no metal detectors or "frisking" going on. If you have a gun in your bag, they will ask you to secure it in your vehicle or to leave the premises. Deep concealment is the key. If you're "made", worse case scenario, they'll simply ask you to leave.

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    I was at the Rodent last May. I can substantiate GF's statement. If it's on your person deeply concealed you will be fine. I carried in my Smart Carry then transferred it with my spare magazines to my Safepacker in a restroom stall. All they do is poke around in your bags with a stick or at least that was the last time I was there. This is standard for all Florida amusement parks. A note about Six Flags, Six Flags (which there are none in Florida), they do have metal detectors.

    I have heard of people being made being asked to store it with park security or being ejected from the park. Depends on the mood of who made you. In either case, you will have your legal CCW status verified by a local LEO and they will check your firearm(s) to see if they are stolen. Typically it's an Orange County Sheriff deputy for Orlando area parks. They have at least one unit assigned to the park. Same goes for the other Florida parks I have been to. Either PD or county sheriff has a unit or two assigned to the park.

    The Rodent does not have as many lockers as Universal or Busch Gardens. For thrill rides make sure your carry mode is secure. They do allow you to take your personal belongings on those types of rides at Rodentworld. A Smartcarry or Safepacker on your belt (should you transfer it to that after getting into the park) should work.

    If you go to Busch Gardens, Seaworld or Universal make sure your mode of concealment is secure and deep. If you carry in a Safepacker, be as discreet as possible transferring it to a locker. It's possible to remove a Safepacker from your belt without exposing your firearm. I do it all the time. It's one of the reasons I purchased it.
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  6. Thank you for all your comments and suggestions.

  7. Great advice! I couldn't agree more. Like was said, worst case scenario, they ask you to leave.

  8. "Places of Assembly, Sporting events" comes to mind???

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    Here is a thread from about this. Amusement Parks - Florida Concealed Carry Forums

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    Lookout, Mickey's packing!
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