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Thread: So How Long Did It Take For Your Permit to Arrive?

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    Norfolk VA, 14 days on the nose still, like i say its the Ghetto-Expedition process
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    VA seems to have quite an interesting CCW program. They hold a free class once a month, pass that with background and pay the state & county fee's and thats it. I took the class on a Thursday evening and had my card printed out and in my pocket Monday (and that was because i hadn't submitted my application before i took the class). I took the TN class a few years ago when i lived there and it was insane. Va has its problems, but this is one thing i'm very grateful for, I was especially blessed to have my girl take the class w/ me.

    Overall tho the wait is worth it, I hate to say it, but this day & time the only security you have is that you can provide yourself.

    ~Lupine Nobilis~

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    Unhappy FL CWP waiting line

    I would be interested to know how long it is taking now for those of us in Florida to get the CWP.
    I submitted on Mar. 24th and heard prior to that that the waiting line was 95,000.
    Haven't heard any updates since then so if anyone knows please pass it along.

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    In Georgia, we get a GFL (Georgia Firearms License) and they are handled by the individual counties. Mine took 1 week in the mail from application to receipt in the mail. It appears that in states where it is handled by one of the State Governmental agencies, it averages longer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Durendal View Post
    Mine FINALLY came in on Saturday, exactly 50 days after they received my application. Just in time for this crap:

    Congratulations,the wait is painful isn't it?

    All the best

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  7. Got mine today May 1st submitted paperwork April 1st.1 month to the day.Glad the wait is over.

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    My name is Chuck and live in Oklahoma City. I received my concealed carry license a few weeks ago.
    The class wait time in OKC was weeks. I called up and enrolled in a class about 30 minutes North of OKC in Perry, Oklahoma.
    I think the small town thing was the way to go, and I'm very glad I went there. He made it very interesting.
    His name was Tony Wisely. I highly recommend his class.
    It took exactly 90 days for me to receive my license. I called them on day 90 and they said it was ready to be picked up.
    I drove to the Sheriff's office downtown OKC. Two days later I got the letter that it was in.

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    Florida 1998, waited dang near the full 90 days.

    Washington 1998, was mailed 2 days after applying and arrived 3 days later.

    North Carolina 2001, almost 2 months.

    Pennsylvania 2003, I believe they had 45 days to issue or deny and Dauphin County took nearly all of it.

    Washington 2004 and 2009, mailed in under 2 weeks.
    Ken Grubb
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    In Missouri (must issue state) mine was two weeks on the nose. The local sherrif's dept. even has a phone number to call in and if your application number is read (this must take them a long time to do each day or so) you can come in to pick up your permit. Only catch is you must go to DOR (Dept of Revenue) license office within 7 days to get your card (either ID or DL) or you have to start the application process all over again. BUT, with the class certificate, it is good for life, no dates.

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    Hey Montana250: Live in Charleston area and recently took CCWP at Belt Training in Dorchester County with a deputy sheriff who took care of all the paperwork after the course. Took course toward end of July and received CCWP in beginning November--that sounds like 90+ days. Based on one of the newer threads concerning CC in SC, still trying to figure out where and when I can actually CC other than in my car or walking around. Late night dinners out etc are a no no since liquor is sold in most restaurants that I would go to.

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