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Thread: So How Long Did It Take For Your Permit to Arrive?

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    South Carolina. Took 92 days. Glad it is here.

  3. Well this may suck to some people. Montgomery County PA...Dropped off Application to local PD on wed...picked up on thursday...dropped off at Court house....had it on counting weekend 3 days.

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    SC CWP Timing

    I am now 11 weeks from the date my check was cashed and am still waiting. I am starting to believe the 90 days is real for South Carolina right now.

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    As I mentioned above, I received mine exactly seven calendars from application. My buddy apllied the day after me and has waited 16 days without a word about it yet. The issuing office has up to thirty days in Minnesota, but the clerk said it usually takes 2 - 3 weeks.

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    3 days
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    I just completed the class this past week and was told to expect 4-5 months due to layoffs and high demand

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    michigan law says up to 45 days.. mine took I think 52.. going on 6 years ago my utah permit took about a month.
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    Permit arrival

    Here in my home state of MA, my original Class A LTC permit, 11 years ago, only took about 30 days to arrive. Subsequent renewals have come in about the same time. My NH non-resident took less than 10 days for the original as well as the subsequent renewal.

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    Boy,it is good to live in Washington County, Alabama. It took a total of about 15 minutes to fill out the application, and to have the plastic card with photo printed and issued.

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    I'm going to apply to get my CHL next week,they said the back ground check can take 60 day's any body else have a Texas CHL /how long did it take?
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