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Thread: So How Long Did It Take For Your Permit to Arrive?

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    When I first got mine 4 yrs. ago it took 1 week, and when I renewed mine in Jan. it took 3 days. 1 day was a holiday. Seems your people are dragging their feet. Sorry for your wait

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    Norfolk VA... took 2 weeks to the DAY to be available for pick-up at the courthouse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AZSATT View Post
    In Arizona, AZ DPS by law has 75 days to process CCW Permit applications, but in actuality they move much faster than that.

    Most students get their permit/CCW card within 2 weeks, provided there are no hang ups with fingerprint cards or backgrounds.
    Have your fingerprints done by an expert. The CCW instructor who did mine did a poor job, delaying the permit a month while new prints were sent in. Otherwise, Arizona is turning them around in less than a month.
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    I just finished my class last night so I assume our instructor will get them mailed out today or tomorrow. He was just about done getting everything together last night. Looks like it will at least be 90 days for me here in SC.
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    I am from sc and it took 115 days to get minr fom the date the check was cashed. I f you have not received it by 100 days I would call and ask them to check into it.

  7. I'm from N. Las Vegas and I expected 2months and I got mine a little over a month taking in consideration of maximum 4 months as I was told by a friend who is also a CCW.

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    Just got the call yesterday to pick it up. 43 days for Nye County Nevada. I'm on day 30 waiting for Utah.
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  9. 90 days for me, Indiana

  10. Georgia counties must issue or deny within 42 days I think. Many counties respond favorably within 2 weeks.
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    oklahoma has 90 days to get it to ya.had mine in 70 days and it is good for 10 years

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