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Thread: So How Long Did It Take For Your Permit to Arrive?

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    In oklahoma it is expected a little over 100 days. Mine was

  3. Mine came yesterday. Exactly 91 days since they cashed the check. My wife's came last week. Her's too was exactly 91 days from the day they cashed the check.
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  4. Texas DPS signed for my App. on Sep. 24th. recieved license on March 10th. Apparently I had a hot check in 1990 I had forgotten about.

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    Mine took 5 weeks from the date I made application at the Nebraska State Patrol.

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    Putnam Co, NY - per the pistol permit clerk usual lead is about two weeks, but lately its been delayed a few wks. Mine, submitted ~ Feb 12, got approval in mail Mar 21, about 5 weeks. Not bad for NY!

  7. We got ours in SC after about 6 weeks...I guess it just depends on backlog. The class was about 50 people at my American Legion post. Interesting thing is the picture they take of you at the class isn't the one on the permit. When the permit comes you'll see your DL picture.

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    I'm in Pa. Applied on 3/2, and got it on 3/24. surprisingly, they didnt call my references
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  9. kind of off topic

    but nra is introducing 3 new rules in nc.

    3 of them are self explanatory but the 3rd one> senate bill 782 is confusing.

    North Carolina General Assembly - Senate Bill 782 Information/History (2009-2010 Session)

    heres the link.
    NRA-ILA :: News on Pending Pro-Gun Legislation in North Carolina

  10. One month Exactly! Pretty good since the probability of 120 days was mentioned.

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    Mine took 58 days. Greenville, Mi. (Montcalm County)
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