Mississippi Permitless Concealed carry.
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Thread: Mississippi Permitless Concealed carry.

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    Mississippi Permitless Concealed carry.

    After doing self defense law research of Louisiana and Mississippi, I discovered that Mississippi law allows concealed carry without a permit in any place that open carry is also allowed. Basically the permit is useless besides for reciprocity agreements with 30 other states. I thought this was interesting and wonder how many other states have the same law.

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    Here is a link describing other states who have done this before Mississippi. Louisiana had a similar bill last year but it didn't pass. I prefer open carry but atleast I don't have to be so mind full of my shirt or jacket covering my weapon.

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    Be forewarned. Thoroughly read the states that have constitutional carry as there is at two of them that states it only applies to their state residents only.

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    Yeah I noticed that, but MS isn't one of them thankfully.

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