FLA CC license for out of stater?
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Thread: FLA CC license for out of stater?

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    FLA CC license for out of stater?

    Anyone have any experience recently filing for the FLA cc permit as an out of stater? I just sent in the application last week and was wondering what the turn around timing was. Thanks in advance.

  3. Been a long time since I did a Florida non-resident, but I think it was only 2-4 weeks and I got the license. Now that I am a Florida resident, I only had to go online and change my address and I was good to go. Florida is pretty good about that, not like from where I came from, Massachusetts.

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    Mine took 3 weeks 4 days. It came yesterday along with New Hampshire. Both were mailed out same day.

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    Nice, thanks gents.

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    Checked in with the FLA automated tracking system on my application status. It stated that they received my packet (mailed out last Friday) and that they are processing application. It also stated that due to a high volume of applications approval could take 8 to 12 weeks.

    Anyone else hear the same thing and is this just a message that's been on the system for months or is this new?


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    Mine was quick as mentioned previously but i'm also former Marine and they process former military faster. At least that's what was mentioned on their website.

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    Im also a vet (Army). So that may help.

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