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    Hello. I carry a S&W 681PC .357 mag ( K frame ) 7-shot revolver ( 3" barrel ). I have a shoulder rig made by Galco, as well as a speed paddle, also a Galco. I also have and wear 2 different vests with nice pockets inside for a holster and weapon. You absolutely cannot tell I am carrying with my vests. I like the "western" look, ie... jeans and and any kind of shirt, along with the vest. Hope this helps. Also, try Crimson Trace Laser grips to replace the current model on Your gun. I have had mine since 2001, and it would ruin any bad guy's day real quick. It allows me to regularly shoot -2.0" groups at 25 ft. mith .357mag ammo. I actually shoot 1.5" groups with the new Hornady Critical Defense rounds. These are top-notch loads. They aren't intended for everyday "tune-up", or practice sessions. They are what I carry for personal defense.

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    Which model of shoulder holster are you using? Like I mentioned before I use Galco's Miami Classic, but Galco makes a few other models of shoulder holsters for concealed carry.

    You also mention using Galco's Speed paddle, do you typically use this holster with or with out a belt?

  4. Hey RRC,
    Try a kahr PM9 (9MM) before you buy a little 380. I use the Kahr for my primary ccw and bought a kel-tec 3PAt (380) for light summer wear carry. However, I found that the Kahr was so easy to conceal I never needed the Kel-tec except for back up in an ankle rig.

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