Concealing a larger frame gun
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  1. Concealing a larger frame gun

    Hi all. Short introduction here. I've been a gun owner/user for many years but just acquired a carry permit. I currently own a Taurus PT92 which is a bit on the large side for everyday carry. If you wanted to conceal carry a gun like this, how would you do it? All I can come up with for a comfortable method is a vertical shoulder rig or possibly a belt holster. The only problem with either of those is that they are concealed by my coat, which means I can't take my coat off without drawing a bunch of attention.

    I generally dress in jeans a T-shirts/polos so no suits, dress shirts, etc. I've just about convinced myself that an OWB holster for the PT92 backed up with a smaller .380 or something similar would be the best way to go. I can carry the .380 in a pocket holster even wearing shorts and when conditions. In conditions that permit concealment of a belt worn larger gun or situations that don't require deep concealment, the PT92 is an option.

    Am I fooling myself trying to find a way to conceal carry a larger frame auto? Any holster suggestions and web links would be greatly appreciated.

    I should also add that the PT92 has a trigger guard mounted laser. The best fitting holsters I've seen are the plastic ones molded to fit the gun. These won't work with the laser. The only thing I can find to accommodate the laser is universal oversized nylon holster which is not nearly as stealthy under a coat as the molded plastic one. If it comes down to it, the laser can come off if it means I can carry it more efficiently.

    Thanks for any advice you can offer.

  3. well an open button down shirt works nicely over your current clothing I find. If i'm in a restaurant, I sit down, THEN take off my jacket and kind of wrap the shoulder part around my sides to "keep myself warm". If I get up, I just put the jacket back on. So what if someone makes a comment? I'm the one with the gun :)

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    This is what I wear when I go out Holsters UnderCoverComfort Performance Apparels I have concealed a Glock 22 with no problems, and plan on using it when I get my Glock 20.

    I just don't have to worry about IWB or OWB thing any longer.


    Now if I decide to get amn IWB holster for my full size Taurus 24/7 OSS DS .45 ACP I will be ordering from our sponsor CrossBreed Holsters linked above.
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    I usually carry a full size baby eagle or full size .45 EAA Witness in my smart carry holster. it's pretty comfortable and don't really have to worry about how clothes can cover it up.
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    I use a Galco Underwrap which is a Belly band. Running shorts and a one size too large T-shirt do just fine with this rig. It will carry my Sig 220 EZ.

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    Thanks for that link. I'm going to order one of those under shirts and a couple of the dress shirts!

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    Those shirts look pretty good. I have a couple of the 5.11 holster shirts that I really like, especially when riding motorcycles.
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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Tennessee an Open Carry state? I carry a Taurus PT92 also, and usually it's in a Galco pancake style holster. In the Fall/Winter/early Spring it may be covered by a coat or light jacket, depending on weather. In warm weather, it's completely visible, about 98% of the time. However, this may soon be trading off with a Steyr GB, after I put a few hundred rounds through it.
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  10. TN is an open carry state, so absolute concealment is not a big deal...but sometimes not a good idea. I've settled on a Fobus for both the PT92 and the Glock 30. An untucked shirt conceals them well enough in most cases. I'm looking for a small 380 for those times when I must conceal in light clothing.

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    I OWB carry my '92 and CC vs. OC is determined by the weather. Them's the breaks for me because I wanted a larger frame for more accuracy. I placed Access and Comfort above concealability.

    Your '92 has no accessory rail then since you are going with Fobus?
    I tried to use a fobus roto-paddle and mine has an accesory rail. Fobus doesn't sell a holster for a 92 w/ rail. (or didn't at christmas time.)
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