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Thread: Body Size Affecting Concealment?

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    Lose weight, be healthy, easier carry

    Quote Originally Posted by njsportsman View Post
    if I may i like to jump on this suggestion bus for us larger people. I am 5' 9" and 255lbs and carry a glock 19. I cannot find a comfortable holster. Right now I don' carry it to be honest because it's hard to conceal. The winter will be easy because I have been carry a para ordiance P13 in the winter just fine but forget it in the spring/summer time so, I bought this firearm the G19 so I can carry it mainly when lighter clothing is required. thanks
    I couldn't find anything that didn't print when I was 199 and 5'9". I lost 20 lbs and found some IWB holsters from Fist that would work. I lost another 10 lbs and found most all the IWB holsters I own (a bunch) would work particularly at 10 O'Clock or without the Crimson Trace at 1 or 2 O'Clock (naval is 12 O'Clock). Not only that but my pants all fit with the IWB (older pants even were big). That's with my Glock 26 and with my Glock 30.

    I guess the lesson is get a little healthier and it's easier to carry. I lost by the Atkins diet (don't cheat even a little or you will gain) and walking and lately with Wi Fit which does an amazing job of tightening up the old bod.

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    i carry sob with an uncle mikes sidekick size 15. it is soft and holds the gun well unless i stand on my head. Both in a car or on a motorcycle it isn't bad although depending on the car seat it can push some.


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