Hand to Hand Combat While Concealed Carry
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Thread: Hand to Hand Combat While Concealed Carry

  1. Hand to Hand Combat While Concealed Carry


    I carry IWB with a holster that has pretty good retention. However, one of my concerns is that if I was every in an alteration that required hand to hand fighting that my gun would come out of the holster and potentially be used against me. I want my hand gun to be very secure so that I can confidently fight hand to hand, and even wrestle if necessary without concern that my gun will fall out.

    Any suggestions or thoughts?

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    For that reason I carry a G17 AIWB and a Ruger LCP (Left Front Pocket). I am soon to be 67. I am not a pushover, but lets be realistic about my hand to hand capabilities (Limited). AIWB affords my EDC decent protection from being grabbed. MY LCP INSURES THAT !

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    Make sure the retention is pretty good. The gun should not fall out when your holster is upside down. Your IWB holster should be close to the body.

    Buy a blue gun, then train and practice how to protect yourself and the weapon. Train and practice how to draw one handed while someone is attacking you. You can do that at a firearms training school, a good martial arts school or with a buddy at home.

    You should obtain some self defense skills that do not involve using your firearm anyway. Many self defense scenarios do not involve deadly force.

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    If someone is attacking me while I am carrying it IS a deadly force incident. I am NOT obligated to present you with an opportunity to disarm me.

    In fact I'm quite confident that I can articulate that the fact that you're trying to take my gun is a reasonable threat to my life

  6. Blackhawk Serpa CQC Concealment Holster @ TacticalGear.com

    something like this perhaps? I mean if a non-serpa holster doesn't suit you, these may.

    In your earlier post, you indicate that hand-to-hand while you're armed is deadly force by default, but that's IF someone is trying to disarm you. Unless they are, and are not attempting to inflict severe bodily harm or death upon you, I'm not sure that really flies in court? Not trying to be a smarta**, just not completely sure what it is you mean by being attacked while armed vs someone trying to disarm you.

    I have heard (not verified) that if I am in a physical combat situation while I am armed, that I can be charged with armed assault or worse.

    To the guy who said he's older: I hear ya man! I'm just 47, but not as strong/fast as I once was, plus I have a disability. A prosecuting attorney who taught a legal class for CC told me that due to that fact, I am legally ok to use deadly force much faster than someone without a disability because one wrong strike could definitely bust a Medtronics "pain pump" implanted in my abdomen that's full of morphone - would be a very fast, lethal overdose if that crap all hit my blood stream at once!

    I like that comment about "train until you can't get it wrong!" So true. Close quarters self-defense is probably the most under-trained thing concealed carriers do. Let's face it, most lethal force encounters happen inside of 3 feet, so the entire draw, present, aim, fire sequence ain't necessarily gonna happen. Personally, I train to deflect/draw & fire to the pelvic area for just that reason, as well as firing from each draw position with each hand. Hopefully it's never required but....

    One hand-to-hand thing I think is a bad idea is traditional martial arts strikes. I mean sure, if an attacker is willing to square off with ya while not armed, then ok. But what are the odds? Quick and lethal strikes I think make more esnse, like to the carotid artery with the ulnar bone of the striking hand, or an eye "pluck," throat punch, neck break, etc. There aren't many, if any, marital arts classes who are going to teach that stuff.

    Studying anatomy a bit, then learning how to attack areas and organs that will stop a fight when you can't fire a round makes sense! Traditional martial arts blocks work of course, but the follow up strikes can end a fight, or they can end your chance of walking away.

    <end of blabbering here> :))))

    Ya all stay aware & safe!

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    I don't intend to let any threat get close enough for a hand-to-hand situation to happen at my age. I may not be able to out fight someone, but I sure as hell, can still blow them away, and have no remorse in doing so.

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    My CCW instructor informed us that (at least in AZ), if I get in a scuffle and charged with assault, the simple fact that I'm carrying automatically elevates it to "aggravated assault". Best to avoid those types of encounters.

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    I'm not sure what you all are thinking. This isn't Ridgemont High, if a stranger attacks you on the street he's not going to black your eye and call it good. You have every right to assume he means to do you serious bodily harm.

    What do you think is going to happen if he knocks you on your ass and then notices your gun?
    In an emergency individuals do not rise to the occasion, they fall to the level of their MASTERED training
    Barrett Tillman

  10. Does not have to be a stranger.

    I would say that chances are much better that its someone you know very well, maybe even family.
    You don't want to end every confrontation with a gun.

    You may have to whip your BIL's a-- from time to time, but that doesn't mean you want to shoot him.

    My BIL is 6'6" and goes about 330, good thing he is a nice guy. I'd hate to have to whip him again...

    The OP brings up a valid concern. I can't see making your firearm more secure without giving up at least some availability.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Eidolon View Post
    I'm not sure what you all are thinking. This isn't Ridgemont High, if a stranger attacks you on the street he's not going to black your eye and call it good. You have every right to assume he means to do you serious bodily harm.

    What do you think is going to happen if he knocks you on your ass and then notices your gun?
    That's what I was trying to say but didn't. The effective strikes, preferably 2+ in rapid succession,, are for stunning and being able to get distance in order TO draw. Which is part of y I say I won't draw on someone if I ain't gonna shoot.

    As for the 6'6" BIL thing I just saw, I hope he doesn't need whipped again too!

    The legalities of striking while armed are important to think about I believe. It's a good reminder to try & de-escalate a situation when possible to avoid having to strike (like an argument not a full on attack), or unnecessarily start shooting.
    It's all situation dependent. I train to be ready with hand to hand, & knife, as well as pistol. That way I have a better menu of what works in responding, and avoiding firing shots if the legal justification isn't present.

    Sure if someone strikes me, it's immediately lethal force due to my disability. However, they'd better put me down quickly and decisively else bad things will happen...
    There are good methods of disarming too but I'd not recommend trying it out on the street, IF it's something one wants to learn at all.

    IMO the best defense is situational awareness and avoidance - definitely the safest.


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