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Thread: Spoke to a Judge... What is he talking about?

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    As long as the ammo is legal, I dont see an issue with it. Think of it this way, if it were to come down to it, and you HAD to use your gun (God forbid the situation ever comes up) would you rather go to court and defend yourself and your LEGAL ammo choice, or be the loser in the situation. "I'd rather be judged by 12, than carried by 6". Id prefer the "12" option. But then,if its justified, and declared as such, the ammo shouldnt even be questioned to begin with.

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    In Texas, there is no restriction on caliber or Hollow Point ammo - only on armor piercing rounds. In fact, to range qualify for your CHL, you must use a minimum caliber of .38 - there is no upper limit.

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    I just thought of something on this. Could the judge just have been saying that as a hypothetical? IE this might happen (as opposed to WOULD happen)? I'm wondering if he was just "covering his bases" in case you did have to use the weapon in SD, you did somehow get charged, and as part of your defense stated that a judge told you it was okay.

  5. Legalities

    nd out about Starbuck's supporting the gun owners, it was shown on TV that in California, you could carry your gun in the open, but it had to be unlaodaed. If that isn't a muddle-headed idea! If an active shooter comes in to the shop, who is he gonna shoot first? Anyone carrying a gun. Unloaded open carry is the dumbest idea ever. I do not like open carry to begin with. Concealed carry might just mean the few seconds for the element of surprise if I ever am in an active shooter situation. In Lakewood, WA, an armored car guard was the victim of a plot cooked up by one of the store associates. Her boyfriend walked up behind the guard and shot him in the head, then took the money satchel and ran out to a waiting getaway ca.; The perps were all captured, but someone armed could have seen the idiot with the gun approaching the guard and stopped him.
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    When Concealed Carry is impossible to get in many counties and Open Carry is unloaded only in the grand state of Kalifornia, it's open carry unloaded or no carry for the majority of people in the state.

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    What does he think the BG would be any less dead if you put a FMJ in his head or a hollow point in the gut ?, except the head shot would probably hurt less, some Law Enforcment officials like to speak of there own thoughts, not what the Law really says

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    by LAW there is no limit to the amount of ammo or type of ammo you use. and if the police find that it was a self defense shooting you got nothing to worry about. but if for some reason you are charged for the shooting or the BG's family sues you, a good lawyer will argue that the ammo used is made to kill its target. so exo facto YOU meant to kill the BG. it has happened before in other states, remember it doesnt matter what the truth is it matters how much you paid for your attorney!

    hers the best defense to that: use a LEO of some sort that has long experience at their job, has a good record and uses the same ammo in his gun as an expert witness. ask him about when he has to use his weapon if he shoots to kill or shoots to stop a threat. (he will say to stop a threat) then ask him what kinda ammo he uses in his duty weapon.

    *sit back and look at the jury's faces*

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    The Fish case was reversed and remanded. Many people came to Fish's defense after the fact, so even if you're using that case as reason not to carry JHPs, you're relying on bad advice. States that have restrictions on JHP are behind the times much like the cities of NY and Chicago not allowing handguns. Eventually, these restrictions will fade away too. There are too many people fighting for this movement for it to be swept under the rug. The case in Texas where the private seller was convicted for selling a gun to an illegal alien has also generated lots of support. It is appalling that he was convicted in the first place, but attitudes are slow to change, and DA's manipulate the jury members. This is why it's important this next, and every election to vote for pro gun candidates. Vote out the Shumers and the Feinsteins; the Clintons and the Obamas.

    Me personally, I carry Black Talons.

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    I haven't found a single citation of anyone getting successfully sued for using hollow points. I call ********* and carry "defense rounds" at all times.

    If they are illegal in your state, don't do it. Otherwise, I personally would not give it a second thought.

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    Since 2006, after the conviction of retired school teacher Harold Fish in Arizona for second degree murder during a self-defense shooting, some CCW holders in the United States have elected to switch from carrying hollow-point bullets, and especially 10mm Auto caliber weapons with perceived higher one-shot stopping power, to carrying smaller caliber weapons[citation needed]. Fish's conviction for killing a homeless man with a history of mental instability who attacked him while hiking on a remote trail, was obtained through a jury trial by stressing that Fish overreacted, through choosing to use the increased stopping power of 10 mm hollow point bullets. State law in Arizona has subsequently been changed, such that the state now has the burden to prove that a self defense shooting was not in self defense, whereas the burden previously, before the Fish incident, was that the shooter on trial had to prove that the shooting was in fact, done in self defense. The conviction has since been thrown out by the Arizona Court of Appeals. Meanwhile, many CCW holders have elected to switch to carrying handguns loaded with FMJ bullets in calibers smaller than 10 mm[citation needed]. A choice often advocated for selecting the correct stopping power in CCW training classes is to select to use exactly the same type of bullets (FMJ or hollow point), in exactly the same caliber that are used by the local police, to avoid being accused of overreacting during any self defense post-incident trial.[10][11]
    Stopping power - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I will forever use this as the be-all, end-all, of my self-deffense shooting/carry ammo choices:
    Prosecutor: Why did you shoot the decedent?
    Me: To stop his on-going attack upon my person which put me in fear for my life and limb.
    Prosecutor: Why did you shoot the decedent 10 times?
    Me. He didn't stop after the first 9 times.
    One of the reasons I carry .357Mag JHPs is so it won't take 10 times to stop an assailant. In point of fact, my SP-101 can't shoot anyone 10 times unless I reload it once.
    When they "Nudge. Shove. Shoot.",
    Don't retreat. Just reload.

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