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Thread: Alcoohol consumption and KY ccw

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    Quote Originally Posted by netentity View Post
    AL has some very strange laws.

    • May but typically does issue with any set of restrictions the issuing sheriff wishes.
    • Recognition and reciprocity with many States.
    • No short rifles or shotguns. Silencers, machine guns, large bore destructive devices and AOWs allowed.

    It's void if the issuing sheriff says it is or puts it as a restriction on your AL permit (i.e. a qualified permit). AL is may issue with whatever set of restrictions the issuing sheriff wants to put on it or give you an unlimited license with no restrictions. It's also part of AL Code 13A-11-75 that the sheriff may revoke any license issued by them for any reason. It's not codified that you'll get your AL license revoked if you're carrying under the influence but there's a very high probability it will.

    It's also interesting to note that if you're visiting AL that this does not apply to you. AL sheriffs cannot put any restrictions on a recognized or reciprocal State's CCW. AL sheriffs do not have the authority to revoke a recognized or reciprocal CCW as they did not issue it.
    So I guess if a sheriff wanted to, (s)he could place a restriction on your permit stating that you are not allowed to engage in social relationships with members of other races while carrying. Yet another example of why AL needs to adopt a uniform statewide shall-issue permitting system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rrc1962 View Post
    Along the same lines, I think the law prohibiting carry in an establishment that sells for consumption needs some attention. I agree with the law when it comes to alcohol only establishments (bars), but I think I should be allowed to carry in a restaurant. When was the last drunken brawl at Applebee's or Olive Garden? I have no problem dining beside a responsible carrying citizen who wants to have a couple glasses of wine with dinner.
    In SC, bars do not serve liquor, only beer, wine, and wine coolers. Liquor licences can only be issued to restaurants, hotels, and private clubs. If you own a bar and want to serve liquor, you have to convert your establishment into one of the above three types of business.

  4. Would the ban apply if a person did not enter the bar area of the establishment, but only entered the restaurant area? In other words, is it illegal to carry in any establishment that serves beer or wine (let alone alcohol) if you are not partaking of spirits?


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    In SC it is illegal to carry a firearm into an establishment that serves alcohol for the consumption on premesis.

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