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    Good Morning All,
    I am retiring from the army and will be moving to florida. I currently have a Gerogia Drivers' license and a concealed cary permit. If I get a new Florida drivers' license what is the requirement for my tranfering my CCP?
    any help will be appreciated.

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    You can't transfer the permit. You have to apply for a new Florida permit. You can also use a copy of your DD214 in place of taking the class. You can request a application to be sent to you here. I always say order 2 just in case you mess one up.

    Form/Pamphlet Request - Division of Licensing, DOACS

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  4. Thanks I will do that........

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    Just a thought. When Fl first started issuing CWP I got mine using my DD214. Gun shows and quite a few dealers offer courses for $30.00-$40.00 bucks + Fl fees. They have all the paper work and will do the finger printing and photo. If I had to do it again I would go that route and save myself a lot of running around.

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    FBGA or FSGA?

    For everyone's knowledge, GA does not have a CCP. It has a GFL (Georgia Firearms License)...allows CC or OC.
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    Quote Originally Posted by {TEX**Hawaii(( View Post
    FBGA or FSGA?

    For everyone's knowledge, GA does not have a CCP. It has a GFL (Georgia Firearms License)...allows CC or OC.
    Same with Tennessee, but only an idiot would open carry in the bastion of Liberalism that is Memphis. The police would be showing up everywhere you went.
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  8. I have a Florida CCP and I'm moving from Florida to Georgia. Does anyone know what is required to get a Georgia license? Will the Florida CCP make it easier, quicker, or cheaper?


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    in Georgia you have to go to the Probate court in the county you move into and apply for a GFL, having your Florida CCP may make it easier and quicker but not any cheaper.

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