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  1. NY non-resident concealed carry permit

    I am an NC resident and wanted to get a NY non-resident CC permit. I called a few counties and they told me NY does not issue non-resident permits. My parents still own a home in NY (which legally is in all of our names, their children), so was wondering if that would count for any resident requirements.
    From the sites I am seeing, I thought NY did issue non resident permits. I understand I cannont CC in N.Y.C.
    Thanks for any advice!

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    New York is a may-issue state, and New York City is treated entirely separately from the rest of the state. The process can be truly byzantine. See Handgunlaw.us

    From Handgunlaw.us site:

    See N.Y. Pen. Law 400
    3. Applications. (a) Applications shall be made and renewed, in the case of a license to carry or possess
    a pistol or revolver, to the licensing officer in the city or county, as the case may be, where the applicant
    resides, is principally employed or has his principal place of business as merchant or storekeeper; and, in
    the case of a license as gunsmith or dealer in firearms, to the licensing officer where such place of
    business is located.
    The United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled on October 15, 2013 that a person who lived
    part time in New York could obtain a permit to purchase/possess firearms. I am hearing that more counties
    are issuing a permit to carry to non-residents. You can read the decision Here or go to the AG
    Opinions/Court Case Section for the decision.

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