Colt Mustang or upgrade?
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Thread: Colt Mustang or upgrade?

  1. Colt Mustang or upgrade?

    I have had a Colt Mustang MK IV Series 80 .380 for years.
    Not the pocketlite or the government. Just the Mustang.
    I rarely find another person who carries this.
    Would you recommend I up date my carry or reman with what I have?

    Love to hear your opinions.

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    If you are happy with it and are comfortable with the .380 caliber, then I see no reason to change it.

    With that being said, I personally do not care for the .380, or the short barrel. I prefer a 9mm with a minimum of a 4" bbl.

    Bottom line is that what you carry is a very personal decision and any recommendation I could make would be based on my preferences and comfort level. My, or anybody else's recommendations will only tell you what works for them and what they like, not what would work for you.

    And, welcome to the forum!

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    I have a Mustang Lite, and a bunch of other 380's. I think you are good with the Mustang, it is a hair bigger than mine and heavier which makes for more comfortable shooting. I expect yours is more accurate than mine. I carry 40 or 357 Sig usually, but carry the 380's around the house

  5. Agree! Keeping it if it works for you is always the way to go. Also welcome!

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