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Thread: Who Carries A 1911 As Your Self Defense Gun

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    My primary carry weapon is a Kimber Ultra Carry. Great gun, highly accurate and reliable.

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    I'll second what the gent above me said. I have the Kimber UC2 as well. Awesome 3" 1911. Have not had a problem with it yet and several hundred rounds down range...
    What in tarnations goin on in America these days. Dagnabbit, "CHANGE" what "Change" I say Change it back! I'm clinging to bible and my guns. Try to take either and you're liable to get blasted.

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    When I can carry it is a Colt LWT Commander in .38super. Handy and has a little omph.

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    I think after seeing all the replies to this post everybody carries a 1911. I know I do.

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    Kimber SIS Pro plus a reload.
    Heavily medicated for your protection.

  7. my state makes me an outlaw

    Quote Originally Posted by 2ndAmendment View Post
    I do. It depends on the circumstanses as to which one, though. One thing for sure, it's always a .45 and its always a 1911.
    i love the state of wisconsin just not there laws. they turn me into the same reason i carry

  8. me and my 1911

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    I've carried a 5" 1911 in the past (Springfield Loaded). I would carry one if I owned one that was small enough to conceal.

    This is a little off-topic but...

    Here's the thing - the 1911 can be very reliable. It can also be an absolute dog. It depends on how well made it is. My point is that the 1911 is a design, so depending on how well that design is executed you can get a flawless masterpiece or an absolute piece of sh..you get the idea. I always thought these "1911 vs Glock" or "1911 vs Sig" debates were kind of silly. If you add in the design variations (ramped barrel, spring-loaded ejectors vs solid ejector, bushingless barrels, double-stack magazines, etc) you get a lot of variation within the 1911 community. To be fair it would need to be "Springfield Loaded 1911 vs Glock" or "Colt 1911 vs Sig 228" or something like that. You can debate design points (grip width for single stack guns, trigger type, SA vs whatever-the-he!!-you-call-a-Glock-trigger, etc) but as far as reliability and accuracy, the manufacturer has as much to do with that as the design.

    I will say that two things that can get a bad 1911 to run are an upgraded recoil spring and Wilson magazines.

    JM$.02, YMMV

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    Kimber carry

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    I carry a Kimber Ultra Carry II (officer's model 3"). It's lightweight, fairly concealable, controllable, and still carries a mean punch. Without knocking other carry options, the 1911 is my personal favorite. I love the grip safety and thumb safety, but again, these are my personal choices.

  11. was a sig 226 elite and cz75 as back up but starting this week it'll be a Volkmann CC and the cz 9 for b-up

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