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Thread: Who Carries A 1911 As Your Self Defense Gun

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    Winter months I carry Kimber Eclipse Custom II in a Galco Royal Guard IWB. Most of the year I carry S&W M&P 45 compact in Galco (Glock 21) Summer Comfort IWB... Tucker Gunleather "The Answer" IWB with leather lining on order.

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    I carry a Springfield Armory EMP 9mm in http://www.blade-tech.com IWB tuckable kydex year round. Practice and compete in IDPA to hone skills and train muscle groups.
    "The 2nd amendment was never intended to allow private citizens to 'keep and bear arms'. If it had, there would have been wording such as 'the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed'." -- Ken Konecki on Usenet, on 27 Jul 1992

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orlandorealtor View Post
    Kimber Ultra Stainless Raptor II. Love it!

    It looks like your Mainspring Housing has that same defect in the bottom surface that mine does. Same exact place.

    I just ordered a new alloy MSH from Fusion Firearms that matches the rest of the metalwork on the Raptor. Kimber should have used this one.

    When I found out the original was was plastic, I almost wanted to give the gun back. almost but like you almost want to get rid of your 'to die for' girlfriend just because she has an ugly freckle where you can't see it unless you really look! :)


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    Colt Combat commander, Para P-13, Wilson or Kimber but always 1911 style in 45 sends the very best.

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    I carry a Kimber.

    In the military, I know that as long as they are special forces, they can carry a 1911 if they wish.

    I don't know about other police departments, but any officer with SLCPD can choose any handgun they want.

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    Kimber Tactical Custom HD II, currently adorned with aftermarket grips...

    While many claim to support the right, precious few support the practice.

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    Colt Delta Elite for me and the other is an XD 4" 45 both in various owb and iwb holsters
    "Those who would trade liberty for security, deserves neither liberty nor security."
    "The original point and click interface was a Smith & Wesson".

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    Kimber Raptor Pro II in a Crossbreed

  10. I carry my full size Kimber Custom Carry II in a Crossbreed.

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    Kimber Pro Carry II, currently in a Milt Sparks Watch Six. Eventually going to a SmartCarry-type rig. I think.
    Bob Mueller
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