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Thread: Who Carries A 1911 As Your Self Defense Gun

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    1911 here.

    I carry my Colt Combat Elite as my primary SD weapon.

  3. Colt Commander, daily.

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    Carry a Para Warthog in a Cleveland holster..
    Great weapon. Have the Crossbreed but I like the Cleveland better as it has more adjustments points and is 1/2 the price..

  5. I carry a citadel 1911 officer for edc. In a iwb tuckable Henry Holster. Has been a flawless operator since new. 2500-3000 rounds later it will still throw them as fast as I can pull the trigger. And the accuracy Is amazing. Best part its a $600 new and rocks out of the box!

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    I carry a crimson ultra carry II in a crossbreed and a Super carry Pro HD in a Milt Sparks. Love both of them.

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    This is my answer.Who Carries A 1911 As Your Self Defense Gun-2011_12050581.jpgWednesday I'll be picking up a Sig Sauer C3 Revolution in .45.

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    For concealed carry, I prefer my 9mm Colt New Agent with Crimson Trace grips, in an OWB holster.

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    Colt Government Model, Commander, New Agent, all .45ACP.
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    Colt 1911 LW Commander Wiley Clapp.

  11. I love 1911s however I'm not comfortable carrying one chambered and cocked and I'm also not comfortable carrying a pistol I need to cock before I shoot. That is one reason I went with the Beretta PX4 Compact I carry now. It's DA/SA so there's virtually no chance I'll get an accidental discharge. I've always owned and shot revolvers so shooting DA isn't a problem.

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