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Thread: Who Carries A 1911 As Your Self Defense Gun

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    The Norinco is not a bad 1911, I have knowledge of this via a very close friend who is an accomplished gunsmith. His father has shot this brand for years and loves it stating it will function with every type of ammo he feeds through it. I was a very proud and stuck up “Brand Name” fanatic, until experts proved me wrong. So, go figure. One man’s treasure, one man’s junk. As long as the weapon hits the target and is reliable, I would be happy to own and carry this.

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    I have been carrying a Colt Officers Model SS for over 30 years and I actually have some other nice pistols too. But this one is my comfort gun.
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    There is nothing in the world finer to shoot than a 1911. I carry a Kimber Raptor as my carry pistol for all but the most unusual circumstances. God Bless John Moses Browning!
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  5. STI Spartan here... and I like it better than the Kimber a friend has.. but they are all close tothe same as 1911s....


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    Colt Combat Commander 45 acp

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Shootest View Post
    I was curious as to how many of carry a 1911 for your SD gun.
    And also if you know of any law enforcement/Military that carry 1911's or where I could maybe find info on that please let me know.?

    I'm happy to see that a lot of people still carry a 1911 for SD. There is so much talk about the 1911 not being reliable, that it discourages a lot I think.
    I mean really if you practice and take care of your weapon I don't think you would need to be concerned with any weapon.
    After all what would the odds be, for a 1911 or any other hand gun failing on the first or even the 2nd or third shot fired?
    If you should ever need your gun in SD situation The first one or three shots will most likely take of it. And I for one always carry a BUG of some kind anyway.
    So what do you think the odds are of your SD gun not firing when you need it?

    Until I read your post I hadn't considered carrying my 1911 for SD.
    I have been carrying a .380 Grendel P-12 because it fits into a front pocket in blue jeans or into a small sidepack. I got increasingly uneasy about it after having several jams at the last re-qual.

    My LLama 1911 is not an expensive gun and has jammed at times. It usually doesn't take but a second or two to clear and fire but that's a long time in an SD situation. I now carry a Rossi 5 shot .38 Spl just to be worry free about having 5 guaranteed rounds.

    Now thinking about the first shot is guaranteed to go off and hopefully it will fire a couple more before jamming and that in most SD situations a person is close enough that the first round is going to hit. Now carrying a 1911 .45 makes sense just for the knockdown capability.

    Problem here in Central Texas in the summer heat it's difficult to conceal a 1911. How do you all here carry a 1911 concealed if it's not under a jacket?

    What rounds do you load when using it for SD? Should a person always fire ball ammo or is it OK to fire some other type rounds in a gun that has jammed occasionally?

    What about the .380? Has it got enough punch to be useful in SD situations? What rounds are best in the .380?

    Last, is carrying a .38 SPL revolver with only 5 hollow point rounds enough?

    Central Texas

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    I shoot bullseye competition with a les baer and a few colts. Very seldom do I get any malfunctions. That is why I carry a COLT combat commander. Not that I don't like other makes, but I feel so comfortable with colts.
    In bullseye we shoot 10 shots in 10 minutes slow fire, but also 5 shots in 20 seconds timed, and 5 shots in 10 seconds rapid. When I once in awhile have a malfunction, I can clear the problem and continue shooting if I want. Point is practice does make perfect and lots of shooting makes you comfortable with what you carry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by roadmap View Post
    Point is practice does make perfect and lots of shooting makes you comfortable with what you carry.
    Practice will never make perfect. I'm confident carrying either of my 1911's, but when it comes to comfort, it's always the lightweight that wins out.
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    Since my first post I have ran another 500 rounds through my Para Warthog stainless. I have to say this is a sweet compact 1911.

  11. 1911

    My edc alternates between a fullsize Kimber TLE II and Sig P220 carry SAO. I love my 1911, and i'm very comfortable when i carry it.


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