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Thread: Who Carries A 1911 As Your Self Defense Gun

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    as soon as my permit becomes available I'll be carrying a Rock Island with a muzzle brake just to make it more bulky and uncomfortable.
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    Kimber Ultra carry II lg and love it. I will not leave home with out it. If there is a place I can't carry I don't go there.

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    I do. It depends on the circumstanses as to which one, though. One thing for sure, it's always a .45 and its always a 1911.

  5. Hi

    I'm pleased with the results of this post so far keep it working. I feel lost without some kind of a 1911 on my side.
    I am debating something that I would like all of your opinions on. I have recently picked up a S&W 1911 and have just finished putting 500 flawless rds thru it and will be adding it to my carry rotation.
    All of my carry weapons have night sights on them but the expense of putting night sights on every time a guy gets a new gun to carry is well, I don't need to say anymore about that.
    All of my 1911 's point so straight it seems like I rarely even use sights.

    Well any way do all of you really prefer or need night sights on your carry 1911's?

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    I carry a Commander size S & W 1911PD in an El Paso Saddlery "Double Agent" holster. Strongside and Crossdraw accommodation - works well either way. I'm not particularly large (6' 185#) but this hides quite well. A good belt makes all of the difference in the world for concealment and comfort.
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    I carry a customized Colt 1911 openly on the farm and will carry it concealed in the winter when my permit arrives. SoMiss summers will dictate a Kahr CW-9 in the w.b. or Kel Tec in the pocket while the 1911 rides in the backpack or briefcase.

  8. wouldnt leave home without--glock 19

  9. Piece of the 'Rock'

    I carry a Rock Island Armory (RIA) compact 1911 (same size as a Colt Officers model). I use a Galco Kydex OWB and a nylon IWB depending on how I dress.

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    Kimber Ultra Aegis in a Crossbreed most of the time. Sig Sauer GSR the rest of the time.

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    i carry either one of my Nighthawks, 5in Talon or a commander side TalonII bobtail, depending on what I feel like that day

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