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Thread: Who Carries A 1911 As Your Self Defense Gun

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    I carry a Colt Combat Commander. 45 in stainless steel in a Desantis OWB mini scarab.

  3. I carry a kimber cdp pro, in winter I wear a owb holster in summer I wear a iwb holster. I like the night sights but due to some eye problems I plan to add crimson trace lazer sights. Single action trigger,slim profile great stopping power what more could you ask for in a ccw hsand gun.

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    1911 "clone"
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    Kimber Ultra CDP ll on weekends, Glock during the week, don't want to scratch up the Kimber around work
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  6. Kimber Pro Carry II with Pachmayr American Legend grips. Has three dot night sights and Mecgar magazines have been perfect. Running a couple different type of jhp but not really set on one brand. Been carrying in a Galco shoulder holster because my back doesn't like IWB/OWB.

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    Dang! This thread is almost 5 years old but here's my $.02.

    I have a Norinco 1911A1 that I've owned for over 20 years and for about 12 years it was my main CCW handgun. Nowadays I only carry it for "nostalgia" reason.

    I carry it OWB @ 3:00 in a leather belt slide holster loaded with 230gr Fed. Hydra Shok.

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    No matter what the topic, 1911 or bananas, someone always has to bring out a Glock.

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