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Thread: Who Carries A 1911 As Your Self Defense Gun

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    I occasionally carry my Taurus PT1911 in a Bob Mernickle OWB holster in the winter.
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    Military and LE 1911

    I carry a SIG GSR 1911 in a Crossbreed Snap Slide. It's insanely comfortable, and I've gotten to where I only take it off when I'm getting ready for bed or shower etc.

    On the range I wear the same SIG 1911 in a Blackhawk Serpa holster, which is also nice - but sticks out from my hip too far to effectively conceal for daily carry purposes in that rig. (Great open carry rig though.)

    To answer your initial LE/Military 1911 question - I don't know of any Army units that still use the 1911 variations as an issued sidearm since the mid 1980's. (I carried a 1911A1 as an M60 gunner back from 1984-86 in the 82nd... then the Army went to M9's.) Since then, certain units may permit the GI to haul their own sidearm - and certain SOCOM elements choose the HK USP version of a .45 ACP... but I don't know of any "regular line units" hauling the 1911 issued anymore.

    Las Vegas Metro Police have a list of 'approved duty weapons' officers choose from - and not a standard issue sidearm like many agencies. On that list of approved sidearms is the .45 ACP 1911 - as of a few months ago anyway. If it's changed since then, that'll be news to me. Other agencies that permit the officer a choice in duty sidearm sometimes still include the 1911.
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    Kimber Ultra Carry II; just got it about six months ago to carry during cooler weather here in Central Texas. During the summer, when all I usually wear is a t-shirt and cargo shorts, I pocket carry a Kahr PM-9.

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    colt 1911 government series 80 2 8 rounders spare mags

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    Colt Defender in a Mitch Rosen IWB. You might do well to just get a damn Glock. The more I use mine the more I like it.

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    My everday carry is Taurus 1911. It's a little tougher to conceal...I have adapted a shoulder harness by cutting off the waist belt connector strap on the weapon side. This works well...I just slip my arms through and the Taurus "hangs" freely; easily concealed by a jacket, of course. When I get to work, I take off my jacket, slip the shoulder holster off, put gun in desk drawer. I have recently used a Yaqui slide holster which attaches to your belt. I really liked it because when the gun was removed, most folks wouldn't even recognize the holster (almost looks like a cell-phone holder, at glance). However, the slide didn't last long as the adjusting screws came loose, and I lost one. In a pinch, I slip a S&W snub-nosed .38 spl in my pocket. Not a bad carry piece, either.

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    Hi I'm new to this forum but would like to weigh in on the "who carry's what question".
    My daily carry is a Kimber Ultra Carry II with night sights. I carry a S&W 642 38 special in my pocket as an alternate carry. Sometimes I rotate in a Kahr PW 40 in the pocket as well when circumstances won't permit the aforementioned.
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    I've carried a Kimber Pro carry II stainless with night sights and Crimson Trace laser grips, for about 4 years now. I feel undressed without it.

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    I trade off between my taurus P140 Millenium 40 S&W and My Colt Defender 1911 45.

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