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Thread: Who Carries A 1911 As Your Self Defense Gun

  1. Wilson Combat Professional. 1911 45 all the way.

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    I carry a 5" S&W 1911PD. It's the big boy, but is has a Scandium frame, so it's considerably lighter than its steel counterparts. It came with "match grade" bbl, trigger, hammer, etc with Novak Low-mount sights and a tac rail. I threw on a set of the CT Laser Grips as well. I also carry a spare clip on the opposite side to balance things out. With a Galco gun belt, it's surprisingly comfortable. I wear it with T-shirt and jeans without problems and I'm not a real big guy. I'm 5'9", 175 with a muscular build. Getting the right holster is always essential, even more so with a big gun like this. I have an Andrews McDaniel II with the matching spare mag holder. I absolutely LOVE this holster. One-way snap release, I ordered mine with the body shield because I was having an issue with the mag release getting bumped and dropping the mag, I'd take it off at night and the darn thing was just sitting in there, not seated! The body shield solved that, and keeps the thumb safety from digging into my back. If dress doesn't allow me to tote such a heavy piece, I rely on my B.U.G., a Kel-Tec P-11 (9mm) which I normally carry on a Clip Draw up front. No one has a clue that I'm carrying two guns and all the goodies that go along with them (Nova-Tac flashlight, Benchmade pocket knife, spare mag, etc.) BTW, one thing that really sold me on the S&W over other makes was the external extractor. Don't get me wrong, Kimber makes a great gun, but I've read iffy things about them failing to eject at times. My Smith goes BANG every time and keeps going BANG till I stop or it's empty EVERY TIME.

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    XD 45...

  5. I carry a springfield 1911 A1, I like how it handles.

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    I carry a S&W 1911sc, Love it . As far as military useage the Marine Corps SOCOM units are using 1911s again .

  7. As a law enforcement officer I have carried, qualified and used a Star PD & a custom Govmt. Mod. series 70 for 19 years. Neither has ever failed me on the range or in the field.

  8. Kimber

    Kimber Ultra-Carry with crimson trace grips. Light, small and very reliable with my carry ammo.

  9. Taurus 1911PT, stainless. Belt "slide" holster from Dillon.

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    I carry a 1911

    I do carry a sig sauer 1911 .45 full size. No trouble with it on hip or shoulder rig and cover shirt. If your going to use a weapon to stop an attacker, may as well use one shot, full impact and effect. Practoce, practice, practice.
    Marc Perez, R.N., C.R.N.A

  11. What kind of ammo does anyone use in their 45 ACP?

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