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    Thank you everyone. I know I'm in good company here. So I was thinking of starting my carry with my beretta but after a short tryout in the store, I realized that baby is really too heavy! Plus the existing grips have a thumbrest that digs into my side. I did get my hands on a Kahr .45. Amazingly thin and light weapon!
    I'm going to try to find one to shoot.

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    Welcome from Texas.
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    Ah Texas... I did my basic training in San Antonio and Tech training in Witchita Falls (where I spent my weekends in Dallas) Loved it all, it's a country unto itself out there. I originally hail from Colorado, and if I wasn't to tied to property here in VA, would be on the first plane back there to live. Amazing place to be.

    I just saw someone selling his Beretta 70S on Gunbroker... it had 40 bids and was going for $605.00 last I saw it... that's amazing! I had no idea mine was so desirable. I found an old thread where someone sent his to Ron Mahovsky in PA to have it metalife coated... the difference was really incredible! I'm considering sending it his way to give it a mid-life refresh.

    Here's the link to that thread... Beretta 70S Back from Mahovsky's...Great Job! - THR

    Super impressive work, and really the price is far less that I'd imagined it would be. I'm looking at $155 plus shipping for the job, not too bad!

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    welcome to USA Carry .....

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  7. Hello, Ross here, new to the site and just got my application turned down by the Md State Police. I had sent the app in around the same time the Judge stayed his own decision,oh well I hope we have better news in May when it comes back up again. I am also a member of MSI, very helpful group.


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    Ben: Welcome to forum...I am new too.
    Your post caught my eye as former resident of Norfolk for many years. There are some areas of town there (and ANYWHERE) that it is a good idea to protect yourself.
    Make sure you have the papework done right and PRACTICE with the weapon.
    Many folks learned a LOT from what happened in Sanford, FL, so as we should always be careful

    Shoot safely and in good health!

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    Ben, sounds like you have put a lot of thought into your personal defense. I hope you find a good fit for your needs in a handgun. Nice to hear you are thinking about your wife while you are not home, I had set up a 500 with pistol grips and an 18 1/2" barrel, although the size was great for indoor use, I found that the standard stock was better for accuracy and recoil. My girlfriend finds it better with the regular stock also, escpecially when racking the slide, as she is smaller size. we now have a 100 lumen light mounted on the barrel, works well in the dark! 5+1 of #4 buckshot. We have been working on team tactics, with her covering me with the shotgun and me with the handgun. We have found this to be a good way to spend quality time together and enjoy firearms.
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    From the middle of the US of A, welcome to this site from Missouri. There are a lot of knowledgeable people around here so if you have any question or want to share knowledge with us, please do not hesitate to do so. I am the wannabe clown of this estate.
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    G'day and Glock

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