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    I found a Wenger Swiss Army reversible belt on sale at Marshall's for $25. It is actually very stiff and sturdy. Black nylon on one side and brown leather on the other bonded with some sort of stiffener. It makes an excellent carry/dress belt on the cheap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfhunter View Post
    Do 1500s often need to be towed?
    No . . . 3000's do, but you gotta make two trips.
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    I've done a lot of reading on multiple forums and decided on this one.

    Gun Belts by The Belt Man

    I ordered the one made of Bull Hide (Denser than cow hide). They are made one by one and there is a 30 day turn around.

    I was torn between the Beltman and Milt Sparks which is a dressier version but just as sturdy:

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    I carry my Glock 23 in my summer comfort IWB holster a spare mag, flashlight and Gerber multitool on my Belt from the beltman. I got the one with the kydex stiffner in it and it doesn't bend at all. I haven't found a holster for my blackberry where the clip will fit over the belt.( it's alittle thicker than my other belts) So that is in my pocket. I'm considdering making a holster for the Blackberry out ov kydex so I can keep in on the belt also.

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    Kramer Handgun leather Makes the BEST Belts,Holsters,mag. carriers , BAR NONE !!!!

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    I've had my Harley Davidson belt for 17 years and I could tow my truck with it. The wife keeps buying me those cheap leather laminated cardboard things from China that Wallmart sells and, well, ya get what ya pay for. Go to a Harley dealer and get the real thing.
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    I use an "Instructor" belt from The Wilderness. I love it.
    - Wilderness Tactical Products, LLC
    That's what I was going to suggest. GMTA.

    Another option, if one prefers leather, is Bruce Gibson or The Belt Man. Both make great leather belts. I wear a Gibson Belt under my Duty Belt on duty, and it's great. What can I say, I'm "old school" and like leather.


  9. Good belt for carry

    Contact Cabela's Outfitters and ask for their 2009 Shooters catalog. They have a variety of belts designed for carrying the weight of a firearm. I agree with the statement, you get what you pay for. I would no more try to put my XD-45 on a WalMart belt as I would try to walk to Hawaii.
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    <a href=""><b>Hermes belt</b></a> store offers high quality and cheap designer belts, please have a look.

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